Bonus Post – Calorie Burning Exercises

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A few of you have been asking me…”Which are the best calorie burning exercises and how many calories do they actually burn”? As always I am happy to answer your questions…
I have included a list below of the various exercises and the number of calories that can be burnt with each exercise. Choose what you can do best and choose something that you will enjoy doing in the long run.
The choice of exercise is completely up to you, but do whatever you wish for at least twenty minutes. It is only after you do the exercise for twenty minutes that the actual calorie burning sets in.
Aerobics 200-250 calories
Stationary bike 250-300 calories
Push bike 300-400 calories
Running, 5-6 mph 300-350 calories
Stair climber 200-250 calories
Swimming laps 350 calories
Walking briskly 150-180 calories
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Part 6 – Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs”

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Hey, it’s Nigel here with Part 6…

The vertical knee raise machine

The vertical knee raise machine is yet another excellent exercise device to have since the device does not occupy very much room in the workout area. It’s actually a widely used option particularly with those who would not just like to achieve “Six Pack Abs” but additionally sculpt the muscles in their arms.

The power wheel

The power wheel is yet another piece of exercise equipment which you can use that will help you perform lower abdominal exercise routines with no stresses and strains. A great way to work with the power wheel is as simple as being in the push up position with the wheel connected to the feet and after that drawing the knees into the chest area. It is really a beneficial method of training your lower ab muscles.

If you would like to discover how these types of relatively easy “abdominal muscle training” devices can be employed to increase the ultimate results of your training session, you can view abdominal training instruction videos that demonstrate the correct and most effective technique of using these machines.

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I hope you have enjoyed the Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs” series of blog posts and are taking action to develop your own abs :)

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Part 5 – Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs”

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The Swiss ball or fitness ball

The swiss ball or fitness ball is considered a real winner amongst health and fitness fanatics due to its simplicity of use not to mention cost effective value. Additionally it is the perfect exercise equipment for you if you do not have much room in order to workout. When using the swiss ball, it is possible to raise the intensity of your stomach crunches in addition to your other abdominal exercises.

The swiss ball will also help to greatly improve your balance whilst performing abdominal and oblique crunches. When purchasing a swiss ball, ensure you find out if it suits your body perfectly. A proven way to test this is by simply sitting down on the swiss ball. When your hips are just marginally above your knees, then you have definitely discovered an excellent match.

Ankle Weights

Similar to the swiss ball, ankle weights are an easy, hassle free type of exercise equipment that can assist you to raise the intensity of your abdominal exercises. Ankle weights are normally employed when you are performing leg exercises and reverse ab crunches.

I hope you have found this useful and helpful, post your comments below and let me know…

In Part 6 I will continue with other exercise equipment to help you get “Six Pack Abs”.

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Part 4 – Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs”

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Useful advice on trying exercise equipment to get yourself  “six pack abs”

In these technologically advance times we all exist in you will discover an effective type of exercise equipment or product intended for almost everything you are looking for to get results.  Evidence of this can be the extensive variety of exercise equipment you will discover in the marketplace which can really help firm up muscles over your entire body.

If you find yourself among several other men and women that express a desire to get a flat belly or achieve a perfectly chiseled six pack, you need to understand which varieties of exercise equipment will allow you to benefit from the best results.

As well as their particular usefulness in assisting you actually firm up your muscles, it’s also wise to take into account how much room you’ve got, your actual physical abilities and limits, and whether or not the exercise equipment is valued at the actual cash you have got to pay to buy it. You’ll want to make certain that the exercise equipment you are buying is constructed of top-quality goods, if not you are going to end up wasting your hard earned cash and they could even result in giving you back or health related problems.

The majority of people often make the wrong choice of purchasing showy, overpriced exercise equipment without considering exactly how these types of equipment will assist them achieving ultimate results and see them getting into the shape they have always wanted. Take into account that everyone has completely different body types and physical abilities, what may have been successful for other people might not necessarily be right for you.  Your targeted areas as well as your most suitable level of exercise intensity should really be your best guide when it comes to buying exercise equipment.

In Parts 5 and 6 I will cover the types of exercise equipment you should be using.  Don’t forget to post your comments below.

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Part 3 – Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs”

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Diet Pills For Weight Loss

Contrary to everyday opinion, there are particular brands and varieties of diet pills that can be effective in order to assist you to lose weight. Various kinds of diet pills tend to be classified in accordance with their particular functions, eg. to control your urge for food, burn off fat cells, increase your metabolic process, and so on.

Each one of these products now have advertisements and promotional materials which are fantastic when looking at due to the ultimate results they guarantee to give you. For that reason, just before you head off and purchase a particular brand of weight loss diet pill or perhaps sign up to a weight loss product, you should definitely conduct your own personal investigation and collect more knowledge about the products as well as the manufacturers.  Please keep in mind that losing weight and achieving ripped abs will not happen instantly.

For those who genuinely wish to achieve six pack abs you firstly need to burn the fat from your body. After that you can concentrate on firming your abdominal muscles and developing your abs to the shape you desire.

In Part 4 I am going to give you some tips on using fitness equipment to help you get a “Six Pack”.  Remember to post your comments below and come back for Part 4.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay cool :)

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Part 2 – Getting Yourself “Six Pack Abs”

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Abdominal exercise routines

Typically the well-known types of abdominal workouts are crunches and sit ups. However, due to the fact that several men and women encounter neck and/or shoulder strains as a result of these kinds of exercises, several personal fitness instructors today would suggest performing reverse crunches as a more suitable option. Performing reverse crunches in repetitions definitely will enable you to flatten your stomach as well as strengthen your abdominal muscles since this isolates the transversalis and the rectus abdominis during your workouts, enabling you to zone in on your targeted workout area.

Assuming you want to end up getting the best out of your abdominal exercise routine, you really need to have a look at ab workout manuals, instructions and videos which will demonstrate the correct technique for performing abdominal exercise routines should your end goal be to achieve a “six pack”.  Provided that you have zero cost restrictions, you could actually employ the services of a personal fitness instructor to continually assist and direct you towards the “six pack abs” you desperately want.

Hope you like these posts…I am really enjoying sharing this information with you!

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Part 1 – Get Yourself “Six Pack Abs” By Using Weight Loss Diet Plans, Products, and Programs

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Hey, it’s Nigel here…..with the first blog post, as promised, on “How to Get Six Pack Abs”.

You’ll find lots of “six pack abs” solutions, products and programs increasingly being promoted over the internet that every one of guarantee to successfully give you the perfect “six pack abs” you truly want within the simplest and most effective and efficient method possible. You will discover promotions for weight loss diet pills, fat burning creams, ab belts, and many types of fitness equipment that can be used to be able to train your abdominal muscles. Lots of people are misled directly into purchasing these kinds of products simply because they help to make abdominal exercise workout routines and achieving “six pack abs” appear really easy. Sadly, what they don’t understand is the fact that there is absolutely no individual product or piece of equipment that will actually ensure the end results you desperately want.

Regrettably, you cannot find any fast and simple method of developing those perfect six pack abdominal muscles you so long to have. Just about any personal fitness instructor will advise you that it requires a great deal of work to get yourself a six pack. If you believe abdominal training is focused on ab crunches and sit-ups, you better reconsider. If you decide you actually want to achieve “six pack abs”, it is important to tone up as well as training the various muscles within your abdominal area, including the obliques. Fear not, though. You Can Actually achieve “a six pack” just as long as you begin doing effective abdominal workout routines and stick to a healthy diet plan.

That’s all for today…I hope you enjoy these posts and don’t forget to leave your comments, I always get excited to hear how many people are progressing towards their goals and achieving good results.

Part 2 is coming soon and is not to be missed :)

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Getting Six Pack Abs – New series of blog posts

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Hey, it’s Nigel here!

I have had several requests for information on “How To Get Six Pack Abs”, and as always I am happy to help you.

Over the next few days, I will publish a new series of blog posts on “Getting Six Pack Abs”.  In fact, I can’t wait to share this with you.

Enjoy the rest of your day and make sure you don’t miss this next series of blog posts.

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Part 3 – Losing Weight

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In Part 3 we are going to look at having a healthy fridge and cabinet and the wonders of water.

A Healthy Fridge and Cabinet: You need to take some time to look in your fridge and kitchen cabinets and throw out any fattening and unhealthy foods and replace them with healthy foods and snacks.  All the best dieters do this to make their kitchen as diet friendly as possible.

Water:  Water is a key component to life; no living creature can live without a fresh
supply of water for very long.  Your body is comprised of 70% water, your blood
is nearly 80% water and your brain is nearly 85% water.  So it is important to stay
hydrated all day, every day and if you think you are going to function physically
and mentally without getting enough water then you are just fooling yourself.
Your muscles will not be able to get strong enough, they will never be able to
recuperate fast enough and will never look defined enough.   On top of that if
you don’t consume enough water you will age faster, retain more water, be more
susceptible to germs and colds, lose joint mobility and much more.

a) Drinking icy cold water makes your body work to warm up the water and burns a few extra calories.
b) Drinking water will lower stress and boost your energy levels.
c) Drinking water is essential to good digestion.

So, you now have the key steps to getting started with your weight loss.  Good Luck, YOU CAN DO IT! :)

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Part 2 – Losing Weight

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In Part 2 I am going to explain the next key steps to lose weight:

Step 1: Focus – You need to Focus Mentally and Physically to give everything you’ve got to ensure you reach your goals.

Step: 2: Exercise – To burn fat and lose weight you need to be exercising at 80% of your work rate to get the result you want and get in the best shape of your life in the quickest time, ideally with a mixture of cardio and abdominal workouts.

a) Always start with a nice easy warm up to get you heart rate up.
b) Exercise at a good pace and good rhythm to maintain your form throughout your workout.
c) Always warm down and stretch after your workout and be proud of what you have just done.

Step 3: Find a fitness buddy – Find a training buddy with similar weight loss goals to yours so you can motivate each other to reach your goals.  Add variety to make exercise fun, if you see it as a chore you will not stick to it.  After all, the hard work will pay off.

Get Excited! Because imagine how good will you look, how good will your new clothes look on you, how much energy and confidence you will have.  Sound good?

In Part 3 tomorrow I will cover having a healthy fridge and cabinet and the wonders of water.

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