10 At-Home Fat Burning Workouts

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By Craig Ballantyne

If you want to get back in shape fast, then you need short,
burst workouts that you can do at home – so you don’t miss
a workout on your busy schedule.

Fortunately, you can get great workouts even if you only
have 15 minutes to exercise at home a few days per week.

That’s the great news about short, burst workouts…a little
bit of effort now has been proven by scientists to be just
as effective – and even better – for fat loss and fitness results.

Here are just a few at-home workout ideas to get you started:

1. Use the first superset of your favorite Turbulence Training
workout and do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Why?
Because the first superset always contains the most effective

2. “30 seconds on, 30 seconds off” doing kettlebell swings

3. Burpees

4. Kettlebell Exercises Paired With TRX Exercises (although this
involves owning a LOT of equipment and having a lot of space)

5. TT Bodyweight Cardio Workouts (that don’t require any equipment
at all)

6. Intervals supersetted with ab exercises like planks or side
planks (which are made harder by the high breathing rate)

7. Bodyweight Challenges – Like the Bodyweight Cardio 1000
(Challenge type workouts get you hooked on exercise and prevent you
from skipping workouts)

8. DB-BW Fusion Workouts – Pair a dumbbell exercise and bodyweight
exercise together in a superset and go back and forth as many times
as possible in 10 minutes.

9. Hybrid Triset Workouts – 3 exercises performed in a tri-set,
using one dumbbell exercise, one bodyweight exercise, and one
kettlebell or stability ball exercise. Requires just a little
equipment, but work great!

10. Adrenaline Circuits – Combining bodyweight exercises and short,
burst adrenaline style interval training methods. (Adrenaline
intervals are covered in the 31 Interval Workouts manual.)

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to lose fat over the holidays with this combination, grab
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Burn fat at home fast,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Weight Loss – 7 Secrets To Permanent End Results

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By: Nigel Jeal

Many people all over the world are constantly trying to lose weight and failing…why is this?

You see, there is one simple reason why people fail in their quest to lose weight. The Answer? They don’t have a Weight Loss Plan, a proven system that over the years has helped millions of people to lose weight permanently.

How do you create a weight loss plan?

Firstly, you need to know the 7 weight loss secrets to get great results and keep the weight off permanently. The 7 secrets to weight loss are:

• Goal Setting
• Recording Your Progress
• Support Systems
• Psychological Land Mines
• Exercise
• Healthy Eating
• Water

Goal Setting and Recording Your Progress:
Your first step is to think about the end results of your weight loss before your even start doing anything. Close your eyes and visualise what it is you really want and get an image your new body, now imagine stepping into that new body. How good does it feel, how much energy and stamina do you have, how much has your confidence grown? Sound good?

Your next step is to start setting your long term goal (your end result). Create a simple spreadsheet and record your start weight and measurements. Then enter your long terms goals by the date you want to achieve your end result. It is vital to set and record short term weight loss goals to progress towards your end result, these will be like stepping stones to help guide you across to the other side. If you don’t have a computer then a record your goals and progress with a pen and notepad.

Support Systems:
Ask a friend, family member or work colleague to be your training buddy who has similar weight loss goals to yours. This will help you to motivate each other to reach your goals. You can also set each other challenges that will help you with your weight loss. It is also useful to share your progress and any problems with your family and friends, they will encourage you to keep with it and ensure you stay motivated.

A good motivator, or exercise aid, is to invest in a few good dance tunes for your iPod this will ensure you’re pumped up and ready for the challenge.

Psychological Land Mines:
Psychological Land Mines are those fears and negative thoughts, those self-conscious and insecure beliefs that we continue to hold about ourselves, that consciously and subconsciously controls and rules our attitudes and confidence levels with an iron fist. You need to approach your challenges “Head On” and overcome all your obstacles at all costs to prevent these psychological land mines blowing up your weight loss dreams.

For successful weight loss you need a workout routine with cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, cycling, jogging or even a fitness DVD and incorporate abdominal exercises into your routine. Ideally you should workout 3 or 4 days per week for 30 minutes, taking rest days in between. Exercise is important to your weight loss plan and also prevents heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Healthy Eating:
You need to take some time to look at the food you have in your kitchen and bin any fattening and unhealthy foods and get in some healthy foods and snacks and make your kitchen as diet friendly as possible, your inner-body needs to be fit as well.

Water is essential to life and weight loss so ensure you drink plenty of it all day, on a daily basis. It will keep you hydrated will boost your metabolism and your energy. It also helps your heart to pump blood around your body much easier to get the oxygen to your cells. It also helps to lower stress, nourish your skin and build muscle tone.

So, to summarise, you now have the 7 secrets to permanent weight loss and can now create your own weight loss plan. Remember, set your goals, record your progress, get support systems, remove all psychological land mines, exercise, healthy eating and water = RESULTS. Do It Today…Do It Now!

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Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Men’s Fitness magazine recently asked me for 3 of my best fat loss
secrets. Since most times the magazines just don’t have enough space
to run my full tips, I thought I’d give you a more detailed
explanation of my secrets here (plus a few extra bonus tips that I
didn’t send to the magazine).

Secret #1 – Focus on burning carbohydrate, not fat, during your
fat-loss workouts.

Sounds backwards, right? But not when you look at how I structure
my workouts.

Remember that Turbulence Training focuses on resistance training
and interval training. Both of these use carbohydrate as the main
source of energy. So it’s obvious the workout is designed to burn
carbohydrates during the training session.

I have no interest in you trying to train in your “target heart
rate zone” for fat burning (aka – the fat burning zone). The whole
idea of a fat-burning zone is an over-simplified idea of how the
body works during exercise.

Leave the inefficient fat burning zone to the mis-educated trainers
in the commercial gyms (that not surprisingly, also want to sell you
a heart rate monitor so you can stay in your “fat burning heart
rate zone”).

If you want to get the most results in the least amount of time,
focus on burning carbohydrates, not fat.

Why do my fat loss workouts focus on burning carbohydrate rather
than fat?

In order to burn more calories after the workout, that’s why. When
you exercise with intervals and heavy resistance training, your body
uses more calories in the hours after exercise than it would if you
did traditional cardio and lifted lighter weights.

I call this ‘Turbulence’. By any name it gives you the same results
– maximum improvements in your body composition (helping you lose
fat while gaining muscle).

Secret #2 – Use a range of repetitions in your strength training

In order to train more muscle fibers and burn more carbohydrates, I
have clients use a range of repetitions within the same workout.

The Turbulence Training workouts now use 6, 8, and 12 reps per set
in order to work the muscle the most effectively.

This will burn more carbohydrates and promote as much muscle growth
as possible when you are keeping the calories low.

Secret #3 – Use the stationary cycle for interval training.

I choose the stationary bike for intervals whenever possible
because cycling against a resistance can help maintain muscle mass.

Cycling against a resistance also allows you to perform a large
amount of mechanical work, and that is a key determinant of the
Turbulence in my training.

But please note: I don’t use low-intensity, fast pedaling ‘spinning’
intervals as I’m convinced that the hard, resistance based
intervals are more effective for fat loss. My clients only cycle
against a strong resistance in their intervals.

And while I really like the bike, but there are many other ways to
do intervals. Use what works for you, but if you are at a plateau,
try the bike.

Secret #4 – Increase meal frequency

Okay, so this isn’t really a secret to anyone that has read about
fat loss.

But a 2005 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
showed that eating 6 times per day was associated with eating fewer
calories per day, lowering cholesterol levels, and lowering
post-meal insulin levels.

Combine an increased meal frequency with an increased protein and
fiber intake, and you’ll see your body composition improve rapidly.

If you need more nutrition help, then you’ll love the new
Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide for Men & Women – written by
Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D.

See below for more details…

Secret #5 – My Synergistic Turbulence Training Workouts

My Turbulence Training Fat Loss workouts are fast becoming the most
effective way to burn fat, build muscle, and get lean. The
synergistic strength training-interval training workouts are
efficient and effective – getting you in and out of the gym in
under an hour.

Here are some tips that you can use for an advanced training phase.
Use these advanced secrets for 2 weeks then return to your normal
training schedule:

a) Add 10 seconds to each interval but maintain the intensity

b) Add in some bodyweight circuits (10-20 minutes per day) done in
the morning or evening (if you do your regular workout in the AM, do
your bodyweight circuits after dinner; otherwise, do the bw circuits
first thing in the AM, and then do your regular workout at lunch or
later in the afternoon or evening)

If you are advanced, you can use squats, pushups, and bodyweight
rows for your circuit.

If you are a beginner, you could use lying hip extensions, modified
pushups, and stick-ups.

c) Add an extra set to each exercise in the first superset you do
in each workout.

Again, use these three tips for an advanced fat loss period of two
weeks, then return to a normal training schedule.

But always stick to the best fat loss nutrition plan possible.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.


Craig Ballantyne
Author, Turbulence Training

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6) The 16 protein sources you should select most often (p. 13)

7) Shocking trans-fat content of 18 common foods – find out which
food is the deadliest in terms of fat content (p. 16)

8] The 9 Fat Sources you should select most often (p. 17)

9) Dr. Mohr’s 12 Rules for Fat Loss (p. 18)

10) The TT Nutrition Plan for Men (p. 19)

11) The TT Nutrition Plan for Women (p. 23)

12) Bonus Supplement Report: The Truth About Fat Loss Pills (p. 27)

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Lose Weight Quickly With These Successful Principals

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It is recommended that we get about 30-45 minutes of exercise 4 or 5 days
a week to lose weight, stay fit and be healthy. But, let’s face it. We are all
too often boxed in by the limitations of daily pressures, struggling with work
and home commitments, which allow little time for exercise. Though we
cannot go back and make a new start, we can start now and make a new

You need persistence and need to set goals. These goals need to be
measurable, eg. ‘How’ much weight do you want to lose and by ‘When’
and you need to make your goals realistic. I would advise you to set short
and long term goals so you can focus on how well you have done so far
and not on how far you have to go. Add variety to make exercise fun, if
you see it as a chore you will not stick to it. Find a training buddy who has
similar weight loss goals to yours so you can motivate each other to reach
your goals. Visualise you being how you want to look when you have
reached your goals, how good you will look in your new clothes, how
confident you will feel and then go out and get it.

To Burn Fat and Lose Weight you need to be exercising at 80% of your
work rate to get results and get in the best shape of your life in the quickest
time, ideally with a mixture of Cardio and Abdominal workouts. Always start
your exercise with a nice easy warm up to get your heart rate up and focus
mentally and physically to get ready to give it everything you have got.
Exercise at a good pace and good rhythm to maintain your form throughout
your workout. Always warm down and stretch after your workout and be proud
of what you have just done.

Water is a key component to life; no living creature can live without a fresh
supply of water for very long. Your body is comprised of 70% water, your blood
is nearly 80% water and your brain is nearly 85% water. So it is important to stay
hydrated all day, every day and if you think you are going to function physically
and mentally without getting enough water then you are just fooling yourself.
Your muscles will not be able to get strong enough, they will never be able to
recuperate fast enough and will never look defined enough. On top of that if
you don’t consume enough water you will age faster, retain more water, be more
susceptible to germs and colds, lose joint mobility and much more. If you weight
150lbs (68kg) and below you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, and
16 glasses of water if you weight over 150lbs (68kg).

You have to put the work in to get the result you want, you can do it and you
will do it. Set your short and long term goals, get focussed mentally and physically,
and record your results as you progress to your goals.

If you exercise you will lose weight, burn fat, tone up, improve your fitness,
improve your strength, improve your stamina, increase your energy levels,
boost your confidence, and create leaner and healthier you.

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By: Nigel Jeal

Push Ups – How To Do Them Properly

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My buddy Les Whitley has put together an instructional video to show you how to perform the perfect push up.

Enjoy :)

Talk Soon,

Advice for Helping Teens Lose Weight

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Losing weight as a teen is far different from losing weight as an adult. Weight loss in a teen
depends on their age, the metabolic rate, their eating habits, and the type of lifestyle they

For many teens, losing weight is easier than it is for an adult. The teenage body burns
calories much easier and quicker. Often, teens lead a much more active lifestyle; they enjoy
doing exercise, walking, jogging or participating in some form of sports. These types of
exercises will help boost a teen’s metabolism, and increase the amount of calories they burn.

Teens could start with one of the many fad diets that are available, but they should only use
these for about a week. Anything longer can cause damage to their bodies. After a week of
using a fad diet, they should continue on a much more healthy diet regime, one that allows
them to lose weight more slowly, which is the best way to lose weight healthily.

When on a diet, a teen should also lead a more active lifestyle. They can do this by
exercising whenever possible, or participating in some sporting activity. This is especially
important for teenagers, as they are still growing, and they need more food. They need to
exercise in order to help remove some of the extra calories they are gaining from the extra
food they are eating. So, get out and exercise. If they sit around at home watching TV or
playing on the computer, they will soon find that their weight has increased.

As a teenager, you have much more energy, so put it to good use by exercising or becoming
involved in sports. The best benefit is they are exercising their bodies and burning off the
excess fat and calories which improves their health.

It is imperative, therefore, for those teens to lead both an active life, and have a healthy diet,
in order to achieve maximum performance and productivity. Many teens who lead healthy
lifestyles, find they are able to do everything they want, and do not suffer from fatigue or

Talk Soon,