Bodyweight Cardio for Fat Burning

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Have you ever tried to lose weight permanently before, and failed?

You would love to go to your local gym but can’t afford
the expensive gym membership or you’re just uncomfortable
exercising in front of other people?

Ever thought about using your own body to get the
real body you want?  It is possible…

A bodyweight cardio fat burning workout is ideal for you.
You don’t need any equipment and you can still workout
if you’re working away or on holiday.

Craig Ballantyne developed a revolutionary new fat loss system
called Turbulence Training”, specifically designed to
help busy men and women such as students, executives and
parents with young children to get the most results in the least
amount of time.

Craig is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS),
and author of many articles in magazines such as Men’s Health,
Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. 

Now over to an article from bodyweight exercise expert,
Craig Ballantyne.

You’re surrounded by nothing. Stuck in a house or hotel, miles from
the  furthest gym. 

Perhaps visiting the in-laws, or a seminar in Independence, Ohio
(trust me, I’ve been there), but you still want to do a fat burning

You can’t even go for a walk because its a) raining, b) snowing, c)
there are no sidewalks (hello Independence, Ohio). 

So what can you do?

A bodyweight cardio fat burning workout to the rescue. Some other
trainers might call it metabolic conditioning, and sure, you can do
similar workouts with kettlebells or even dumbbells, but those
implements can’t help you now because you are stuck in the middle
of nowhere with now way out. 

The only “equipment” you have is your own body, but all they taught
you in gym class was how to do crunches, pushups, and flexed arm
hangs. And you aren’t doing that from the doorframe here in the

Fortunately, I’ve spent my entire adult life researching wild
workouts, exotic exercises, and bodyweight movements. My bodyweight
exercise obsession all started back in college, when I came home
for a Christmas break in my freshman year, and had no ride to the
gym, or even the money to afford a day pass. 

So instead, I went through all of my old issues of Men’s Health
magazine and put together a list of every body weight exercise I
could find. Eventually, I stumbled across a workout that wasn’t
full of crunches, situps, and plain old pushups. I somehow managed,
at the age of 19, to figure out a bodyweight circuit that was
tough, worked the entire body, and didn’t require equipment. 

Fast forward fifteen years later, and I’m still on the hunt for
more bodyweight workouts. You’ve probably used one of my bodyweight
challenges from Men’s Health magazine, or found one of my workout
videos on youtube. 

This fat burning workout video below is probably my most famous,
the no-equipment 5 rounds of 5 minutes bodyweight workout program.

You don’t need anything – other than your own bodyweight – to get
an amazing full body workout, anytime, anywhere. 

You don’t need to be outside to do this bodyweight cardio fat
burning workout, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be out in the
sunshine, getting a glorious sweat on with this intense bodyweight

A minute of bodyweight exercises doesn’t sound like much, but
seriously, when you get down to the brass tacks, it sure is a heck
of a challenge. I’d love to know what you think of this workout and
other ones like it. I have dozens of interval-type workouts that
don’t require you to sit on a stationary bike or use a treadmill.

And you absolutely have no need to ever suffer the ‘dishonor’ of
slow boring cardio ever again. 

Thanks to bodyweight exercises (plus kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX
exercises, etc.), there are far too many fun workouts out there
that can help you burn fat without the need for expensive,
overcrowded gym memberships.

That said, you can also do a tremendous workout in a hotel room
(even in Independence, Ohio), in your in-laws living room, your
backyard, the park, or even your office (but you’ll want to shut
the door, of course). 

Bodyweight cardio fat burning workouts to the rescue.

For over 101 bodyweight exercises plus more bodyweight cardio and a
6-month bodyweight workout plan, get the Ultimate Bodyweight
Exercise deal here.

You’ll be able to burn fat with bodyweight exercises anywhere,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Turbulence Training is scientifically proven, endorsed by elite trainers
and top fitness magazines, and has been used by thousands of men
and women for burning fat as well as increasing muscle and improving
 your health and energy levels at the same time.  Real People, Real Results!

How a Cardio Fanatic Finally Got Her 6-Pack Abs

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Everyone thinks you have to do tons of cardio workouts to get abs. But that’s not true. In fact, if you stop cardio and change your workouts, you’ll get your 6-pack abs faster!

Let’s find out how one female cardio fanatic finally got her 6-pack abs with the help of the Turbulence Training workouts!

CB: CJ, let’s start with a little background info on yourself and what you were looking to achieve when you found strength training and interval training.

Let’s see, I’m a female in my mid 30’s and a typical office professional who spends looong hours sitting in front of a computer.

Fitness and nutrition-wise, I grew up understanding the importance of being active and staying healthy. So while I’ve stayed active most of my life, I recently discovered I still had a lot to learn both about fitness and nutrition.

When I found Turbulence Training I was looking for body comp improvements. I had been introduced to weight training about a year earlier and had made great progress, but had gotten past that ‘newbie’ effect and really needed something different to jump start my progress again.

CB: How were you doing before?

During grad school and working full-time I put aside the active part of my lifestyle for the days and evenings tied to a chair, and the delights of eating at restaurants for 1-2 meals a day. I gained about 20lbs and was at my heaviest ever at 160lbs. Once I completed night school, I put exercise and nutrition back on my priority list and lost those 20lbs, mainly from running 5days/wk.

My second stage started when I discovered weight training. I was about 142lbs and probably 28% BF. After about 6months I lost another 8-10lbs and 7% body fat.

So, when I started Turbulence Training, I had already made good progress, I was probably 133lbs and 21-22% BF.

CB: What were your workouts before TT? Why did they not work as well? How have you improved upon those workouts?

Before this I was a steady state cardio fanatic, so I ran 3-5 miles 3x week and strength trained using a 4 day upper/lower body split. This plan did work for about 6-9 months, but then I just stalled. Not sure what the culprit was, just that I knew I needed something different.

When I first started strength and interval workouts I was skeptical that such a short workout only 3x/wk would be enough. I soon discovered that strength and intervals kept the intensity levels up at EACH workout, so the three days and two supersets were actually more efficient than my 4day split and 3 days of running. I also got on an HIIT (interval) program and reduced my slower steady state runs to about once a week.

CB: How have the strength and intervals workouts helped you? What benefits & results have you achieved? What are your gains and improvements and how do they compare to your before stats?

I’m stronger, leaner, and faster than before.

On the strength side, my proudest achievements are chin-ups and pull-ups, something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. I’ve also improved my 5k times by 2mins. I finally have the muscle definition/athletic shape I’ve always wanted.

When comparing to my before stats, I’ve had to throw the scales out the door and use the mirror/compliments as my guide since I have gained a few lbs and BIA hasn’t seemed to move, but my clothes have gotten looser and smaller and I’m also making strength and speed gains.

CB: How do you feel in terms of strength and energy?

I think my strength gains surprise me most, since I typically have high energy/endurance. I particularly enjoy how my strength gains have transferred to running and bike riding.

What I can lift in the gym just sort of evolves, but when I can climb hills on my bike that I used to walk up, and finish 5ks in times that were once out of my reach, it feels pretty good. J

CB: What features do you like about strength and intervals?

It’s fun, efficient, and intense. And it works!! When I’m in the gym, I know that I’m making the best use of my time.

CB: Did you change your eating with the guidelines?

Not much. I was on a pretty solid eating plan when I started strength and intervals, but am consistently learning about making the right food choices and looking to tweak things here and there. Incorporating a post-workout recovery drink and getting as much variety as possible have been the biggest change in my eating habits since I started.

CB: What would you say to people that ask you about your workouts? Do you get a lot of comments from others?

When people ask me about my workouts, I try to hold back some enthusiasm so I don’t come across as a crazy fanatic and overwhelm them.

I’ve had quite a few comments from other people in the gym, either noticing how hard and smart I’m working, or complimenting my progress. One lady even pointed me out and said “I want thighs like that!”

It’s always fun to see friends and family or even co-workers that I haven’t seen in a while because they remind me of the progress I’ve made.

The best compliment I get now is a form of imitation. People want to know exactly what I do and ask me for tips. They see it works, and want to know how I’ve done it, and try to apply it for themselves.

CB: Thanks CJ! Keep up the great work with your time-efficient Turbulence Training fat loss workouts.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training 

8 Metabolism Boosters for Weight Loss

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Your metabolism is your fat loss foundation.

It keeps burning and burning fat 24 hours a day…the only problem is, do you have a fast metabolism? And if not, what can you do about it to boost your metabolism and burn fat to lose weight?

Your metabolism is basically how many calories you burn each day. Children have faster metabolic rates than adults, and we all know about the legendary metabolism’s of teenage boys. That’s the metabolism you wish you had.

And while it is inevitable that your metabolism decreases with age, it doesn’t doom you to gaining weight. It might even decrease 30% over your life, but really, is that any reason to become overweight? No way. Not when you can turn it around with a couple of simple, proven techniques listed below…

Here are 8 possible metabolic boosters and the truth about whether each works.

1) Strength training

Claim: Boosts metabolism up to 10% after a training program


In fact, despite what many men and women think, harder exercise is better for your metabolism. However, please note that 1 pound of muscle does not burn 50 calories per day.

In one study, women received a greater metabolic boost from using 8 repetitions per set rather than traditional high-rep (12 reps) sets. So stick to harder exercises (pushups and more advanced bodyweight exercises) or dumbbell exercises.

2) Breakfast

Claim: Because it stops your “fasting”, it can boost metabolism

True? Maybe yes, maybe no. Your metabolism won’t go into
“starvation mode” without breakfast, but it is associated with
successful weight loss. So make it a habit to consume some protein, fiber, & fruit (& even veggies if you can fit them in) at this time. This will keep your appetite in check till your next break or even lunch.

3) Green Tea

Claim: Burns an extra 80 calories per day

True? Not really. It has been shown to burn 80 calories per day in young men on the first day of supplementation, but will this affect last once your body gets used to it? I don’t think.

After all, take a look at caffeine. You can find studies that show
it increases metabolism as well. But really, is anyone losing fat
with caffeine? The revolving doors at Starbucks say “No!”.

Coffee is okay in moderate doses, and I recommend Green Tea to everyone, but for health reasons, not for fat loss. The only way you will lose fat with Green Tea is if you replace a 300+-calorie Frappucino with an iced, unsweetened Green Tea. Otherwise, don’t count on it for much in terms of metabolism.

4) Fat Burners

Claim: Boost your metabolism big time!

See above. Fat burners are simply caffeine pills with a few other
ingredients thrown in. You’ll get an increase in mental energy, but that doesn’t mean it will significantly boost metabolism or burn fat.

5) Ice Cold Water with Lemon Juice Squeed into it

Claim: The body will burn calories warming up the water and the lemon juice also burns more fat.

Truth? Nice in theory, short in practice. Nobody is losing fat with ice cold water. If it sounds too good to be true – you know the rest of the story.

6) Eating 6 small meals per day

Claim: Boosts metabolism and can help control cholesterol.

True! Simple and effective, and true! Try and split your meals up into smaller meals that can be eaten over the course of the day. This might be part of the breakfast magic…

7) Protein

Claim: Burns more calories (uses more calories in digestion than
carbohydrates or fat).


Now I’m not sure if this is significant, but protein also helps
fill you up longer. And that’s where the real benefit comes in –
preventing overeating. And if you want details, another study
showed that animal protein results in more energy burned than
vegetable protein.

8- Interval training

Claim: Interval training causes a greater increase in post-exercise metabolism than regular cardio.

I certainly believe it.

And I do know this. A recent study from Australia found that a
shorter interval program led to more weight loss than a
twice-as-long aerobic training program. This confirms the original interval training study from as far back as 1994 that showed greater results from a shorter interval program when compared to a traditional cardio program.

Bottom line: Intervals work!

So we see that hard work and diligent eating burn more calories and that magic pills and potions don’t work.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. My advice? Add
strength, intervals, mini-meals, and protein to your weight loss
plan and you’ll be leaner and warmer thanks to your faster

Turbulence Training was built to boost your metabolism, 

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Metabolic Resistance Training for Fat Loss

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There’s a new secret that everyone is talking about, a new and exciting way of training for fat loss.  It’s called Metabolic Resistance Training.

My buddy Craig Ballantyne is lifting the lid on this and I have persuaded him to share the secrets of this new and exciting workout with YOU!

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped many thousands of men and women worldwide to lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week.

Now over to fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, to explain why
metabolic resistance training is so important for fat loss.

“What is Metabolic Resistance Training”
By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT

 What the heck are these metabolic resistance training workouts that
everyone keeps talking about for fat loss? Well, you’ve probably
heard the term because the internet is buzzing about this type of
training for fat burning. 

This program is DIFFERENT…

After all, gone are the days of slow cardio for weight loss. Heck,
even interval training is starting to get passed over. All in favor
of this specific type of workout called metabolic resistance

It’s really exciting though, to know that we can build muscle and
lose fat at the same time, while getting lean and even having
ripped six-pack abs thanks to these short, burst workouts. And you
don’t need fancy, expensive equipment. Instead, you can focus on
using bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebell exercises, or
even TRX exercises. 

Let me explain in this short, fun video with a few examples:

Anytime you use supersets or circuits and train with an elevated
heart rate and insufficient recovery. You are doing metabolic
resistance training. But the metabolic resistance training used by
Turbulence Training readers is different. I’ve modified the heavy
metabolic resistance training and also incorporated metabolic
resistance conditioning using lighter resistance, and less rest. 

In this new Turbulence Training metabolic resistance training
workout program, you’ll get 4 workouts, broken down into these two
components. Two workouts of heavy metabolic resistance training and
two workouts of metabolic conditioning. The heavy workouts are done
first, and are followed immediately the next day by the
conditioning workouts. 

I’ll be writing a lot more about metabolic resistance and
conditioning workouts in the future to help you lose fat and gain
muscle at the same time. That’s the beauty of the system; not only
do the fast-paced, short burst workouts help you burn a ton of
calories, but if your goal is muscle building, you can do that too. 

Until then, get ready to use a few new exercises and a few training
methods we haven’t used before to elevate ” in-workout and
after-workout” calorie burning. 

It’s all about working your metabolic systems for maximum calorie
burning, while only permitting yourself to have incomplete
recovery. These are the intense workouts you’ve been looking for.

No more slow, boring, monotonous cardio workouts that take forever.
Those days are over. 

So be prepared to hear a lot more about MRT and metabolic lifting
and conditioning workouts. And again, you aren’t limited to
machines or weights. You can do these workouts with almost any
equipment, and even with bodyweight exercises only, as my
bodyweight cardio circuits have proven. 

You’ll have a total blast even doing these types of programs at the
park with your TRX and kettlebells and bodyweight. You’ll be so
much better off than being stuck in stuffy gym with machines. And
make sure to watch my video to find out why MRT might even be
better than traditional interval training. 

Times are a-changing. The entire fitness industry is going through
a revolution where we move away from bodybuilder and cardio bunny
workouts. And that’s a good thing. Doing less cardio and
eliminating little isolation exercises, such as crunches, from your
routines will help you get results fast. 

Get started with the Turbulence Training Metabolic Resistance
Training workouts here. 

You now have a fun, four-day program that will get you ripped and
give you the body that you deserve. 

Train hard but safe with new MRT workouts.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

The buzz about this system is incredible, and it should be…It seriously ROCKS!

I have known Craig for a while and I know you will get the results
you have been so desperately looking for just by using this system.

Fat Burning Bodyweight Circuit Exercises

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

When you travel, you worry about missing your workouts and eating poorly…So you must plan ahead for both (apples and almonds for planes, trains, & automobiles)…and bodyweight circuits for “no-equipment fat burning”.

And while I have bodyweight exercises that are just as hard as the bench press and barbell squat in one of my bodyweight workouts, today we’ll focus on replacing intervals with bodyweight circuits.

To do a bodyweight circuit…

a) Pick 3 lower body exercises

b) Pick 3 upper body exercises

c) Alternate between a lower and upper body exercise without rest, till you are done all 6 exercises

d) Rest a minute.

e) Repeat 2-3 more times until you are done 20 minutes

For example, this is a great circuit that doesn’t need any equipment

1) Prisoner Squat (12 repetitions)
2) Elevated Pushups (8 reps per side)
3) Single-Leg Deadlift (10 reps per side)
4) Close-grip Pushups (As many reps as possible)
5) Jumping Jacks (30-60 reps)
6) Cross-Body Mountain Climber (12 reps per side)

Whew. That’s pretty advanced…for a beginner, we’d slow it down like this and take some breaks between exercises…

1) Wall Squat (8 reps)
2) Kneeling Elevated Pushup (5 reps per side)
3) Lying 1-leg Hip Extension (8 reps per side)
4) Plank (30 second hold)
5) Jumping Jacks (5-10 reps)
6) Side Plank (15 second hold per side)

Safe travels, and of course, always check with your doctor before beginning a fat burning bodyweight circuit exercise program.

How to Gain Muscle & Lose Fat

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Are you ready for my famous “gain muscle or lose fat” chart?

I know this is going to make a few people mad, but it’s the truth about whether a guy should lose fat or gain muscle. If he doesn’t stick to my recommendations, he won’t get the ripped abs and muscles he wants.

I often get scrawny guys asking me how to lose fat, when they have no muscle underneath the fat…they think they will look good if they “get ripped”, but in reality, will look like they are starving. They should focus on gaining muscle instead.

This is a harsh lesson in reality, but too many guys are trying to lose weight when the focus should be on gaining muscle.

In fact, through my experience in working with athletes and dozens of men in the gym trying to lose fat and gain muscle, I’ve come up with a height-weight chart that determines whether or not you should lose weight.

Here’s the chart identifying the cut-off weight for muscle building, and the rule below.

5’6″ – 140 pounds
5’7″ – 145 pounds
5’8″ – 150 pounds
5’9″ – 155 pounds
5’10 – 160 pounds

And so on. For every inch taller, add 5 pounds. For every inch shorter, subtract 5 pounds.

For example, if you are 5’8″, 150 pounds, you should NOT be focusing on losing weight. You need to gain muscle if you want to look good on the beach and have muscle. Focusing on weight loss would be the worst thing you could do. If you do, you’ll look like crap, and practically anorexic, to be blunt.

Instead, you must focus on gaining muscle. This will improve the appearance of your body, and take you from a stick-figure to a lean, muscular physique with a better chance of seeing your abs.

And don’t worry, you’re not going to look huge. At 5’8″, a guy would have to be at least 180 in order to be considered “jacked” or “huge”.

And the best news of all? Because skinny guys are untrained, simply starting a muscle building program will give them maximum fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. They are going to get the best of both worlds.

To use Turbulence Training to gain muscle and lose fat, simply stick to the weight training workouts only. Avoid the hard interval cardio for at least 4 weeks as you gain muscle, and eat extra calories right after your workout (as well as having a bigger breakfast than normal). These two changes will
allow you to gain muscle and lose fat.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

The Truth About Beginner Fat Loss Workouts

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The last thing you want a beginner to do is long, slow,
boring cardio workouts.

Two reasons why:

1) Beginners will get an overuse injury from doing too much
exercise volume too soon.

I had many new clients come to me after injuring themselves
trying to get back in shape by doing excessive cardio. Please
don’t make the same mistake.

We had to spend weeks rehabilitating their injuries before
we could kick their fat loss workouts into high gear. 

2) Long, slow, boring cardio doesn’t very work well – if at
all – for fat loss.

Research has shown that doing 300 hours of cardio (6 hours
per week for 50 weeks) resulted in only 5-6 pounds of
weight loss in American men and women.

That’s a waste of time.

So what’s a better beginner fat loss workout?

Let me explain.

FIRST, we start by doing a general bodyweight warm-up circuit.

Most old-school workouts tell you to do a 10-minute warm-up
on a treadmill, but that’s a waste of time.

How does a treadmill prepare you for a total body workout?

Answer: It doesn’t. Jokes on us when we waste our time with it.

In the Turbulence Training workouts, you’ll get proven
bodyweight circuit warm-ups that get you ready for fat loss.

SECOND, we do a lot of bodyweight resistance training, often
while lying down on a mat.

That’s right, you’ll discover how to work your body and
burn calories while LYING DOWN.

You’re going to be shocked by these exercises. In the
Turbulence Training Beginner Workouts, you’ll see how to
use total body exercises to burn fat with little or NO
equipment, all done in the comfort of your own home.

THIRD, we finish off with interval training.

And YES, beginners can do interval workouts.

Here’s how I know this:

1) Researchers have used interval training in all types of
populations, such as overweight beginners and even in
cardiac rehabilitation (talk to your doctor though first,
of course, if you have any medical conditions).

2) Research shows that subjects PREFER interval training
over long cardio. So there you go, I’m not the only one who
thinks cardio is boring – even subjects who volunteer for
research studies would rather do interval training.

3) The most important interval training fat loss research
study was performed on overweight beginner level women.

That study found that women who performed interval training
on a stationary bike lost more belly fat than woman who did
long slow cardio.

Case closed.

Fortunately, with the Turbulence Training Beginner Workout
program you also get my “Bodyweight Cardio” program that
replaces interval training if you don’t have a bike.

You can get that workout, plus three more beginner fat loss
workouts here – all for less than the price of a greasy
large pizza meal from one of the big chains: 

Beginners can lose fat very fast with these workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

How to Lose Manboobs

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

You don’t have to go through life with man boobs (otherwise known as male breasts). In fact, you can burn away chest fat and get rid of your manboobs forever with just three short, but intense workouts per week.

Getting rid of manboobs is as simple as getting rid of any other fat. You need to cut back on the junk, and fill up on the intensity. Turbulence Training is the fastest fat loss workout you can do at home. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership (where you’ll be too embarrassed by your man boobs to go anyway).

Listen, women love a chiseled chest, but are turned off by the site of manboobs poking through a sweatshirt. That’s why I’ve put together a fat burning program that focuses on building muscle and blasting fat with all sorts of push-ups, chest exercises, and intervals. In fact, even the Turbulence Training abdominal workouts work the chest and help convert those man boobs back into a real man’s chest in just weeks.

You can gain muscle and lose fat with short workouts. You don’t need to be training 6 days per week or spending hundreds of dollars each month on fancy (but worthless) supplements.

Soon you’ll be the guy who is first to take his shirt off at the beach. No more hiding under sweats in the middle of July, or avoiding the water because you don’t want anyone to see your manboobs.

And no matter what anyone says, you don’t have to rely on surgery. Besides, that will leave ugly scars that will leave you just as self-conscious as when you had man boobs. The only fix is a permanent lifestyle change, thanks to the 3 short workouts per week of Turbulence Training. You’ll see changes in your man boobs, love handles, and arm definition within weeks, going from male breasts to ripped abs in the process.

Turbulence Training is not like all those other aerobic, slow cardio programs you’ve tried in the past that didn’t work. And it’s not a wimpy machine circuit that just ends up being a waste of your time. Instead, Turbulence Training is a unique exercise system that you can do in the comfort of your own home, so that no one at the gym can point or stare at your chest – at least not until they are staring with respect.

The fastest way, the safest way, and the only way to get rid of man boobs is with strength training and interval training. Combine that with Dr. Chris Mohr’s sensible nutrition guidelines, and you’ll have a new body, and a new chest in just weeks.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

How to Break Bad Habits

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

We all have bad habits. Mine are checking email too frequently,
being unorganized, and not always eating enough to fuel full
recovery from my workouts.

Your bad habits might include too much snacking and cheating on
your nutrition plan, coming up with excuses to skip exercise, or
watching too much TV.

Bad habits are the reason we need coaches. One of my coaches is Lee
Milteer, who gave me the exercises below, that I want you to go
through to help you break your bad habits.

If you’ve been trying to lose fat and get lean by yourself, but
with no luck, isn’t it time to get professional help & social

It’s hard to change. I know it. I battle against my bad habits all
the time, just like you do everyday. But each day I also make an
effort to overcome the bad habits, just as you should have a plan
in place to overcome your bad weight loss habits.

Don’t let insecurity, fear of failure, or the fear of the unknown
hold you back from making changes. Don’t be a victim. “Give yourself
PERMISSION to change,” Lee says.

So let’s take action. Print this email out. Now write down 3 excuses
you are using to avoid making the changes you need to succeed.


How have these excuses affected your life? What have the excuses
stopped you from achieving? Write down 3 very important things that
you have missed out on because you’ve allowed yourself to make


Now how do you feel when you fall victim to one of your self-
sabotaging excuses?

What benefits do you get from the excuse? Is it simply that you get
to remain in your comfort zone? That’s a big one for me. If I can
convince myself that I need to check my email, then I get to remain
in my comfort zone and avoid the hard work and fear of failure that
comes with writing an article. Or is it the fear of the unknown
that is holding you back? Write down 3 ways you benefit from making


So now we both know why we’ve created our excuses – to avoid
something. All we need to do now is find a way to overcome these
bad habits. I want you to write down 3 behaviors you want to stop.


Now write down why you end up doing it…were you bored, fearful,
lazy, etc.


Now give yourself the permission to change. “Envision the rewards
you will get when you make the change to your life and habits,” Lee
tells us. Give yourself a powerful list of reasons for fixing the


Working on bad habits everyday will give you an incredible boost
in self-esteem and confidence. With each small successful
improvement you’ll build confidence to take on the bigger, badder
habits that are holding you back.

Remember, everyday we are a work in progress. You might have bad
days, but as long as you make overall improvement each week and
month – that is all that matters.

Lee also recommends charting your progress. I have said many times
before that you need to keep records of your workouts and
nutrition. Only then will you know what works and how much
improvement you have made.

And finally, get social support. Don’t expect to do this alone.

One research study from Stanford University concluded social
support was the #1 factor for success in an exercise program.  

Get in shape for summer fast with Turbulence Training,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

My Diet Secret

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

I’m not a “low-carb guy” by any means, but I have found something that works wonders for fat loss. And it does involve cutting back on whole-grains.

Back in December, I substituted more fruits and vegetables for any whole-grains in my diet, and I was as lean as I’ve been in years with this approach. So if you’re trying to lose fat and look better than ever this summer, try this approach.

Here are some easy changes to make.

a) Instead of having toast for breakfast, have an apple.

b) Usually have a side of rice at lunch? Have 1 cup of broccoli.

c) Typically have a bowl of cereal at night? Have an orange and an ounce of pecans (or walnuts or almonds), instead.

Think I’m out to lunch?

Check this study …

(For science nerds like me, here’s the reference: Amer. J. Clin.
Nutr. 85: 1465-1477, 2007.)

Woman on a low-fat diet that ate more fruits and vegetables lost
more fat than another group of woman on only the low-fat diet.

After 1-year, the low-fat, fruits and vegetables group (LF-FV) lost more weight than another group of woman on the low-fat (LF) diet only.


The LF-FV group reported being less hungry, thanks to being able to eat more food than the LF group.

So you’ll eat fewer calories if you are filling up on fruits and
vegetables, while keeping un-necessary fat out of the diet.

And isn’t the summer a great time to implement this program? With watermelon, berries, apples, and cherries all in great abundance, you can satisfy your sweet tooth naturally, while burning fat with the Turbulence Training fat loss workouts at home.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training