12 Ways to Utilize Natural Foods This Summer

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12 Ways to Utilize Natural Foods This Summer

Eating natural foods is an excellent method to help your family enjoy a diet that is not only balanced, but also rich in essential nutrients. However, eating a diet such as this offers a few hidden benefits you might want to consider during the meal planning process as well.

Cool off

Eating cooling foods such as cucumber, melons, and citrus fruits actually helps keep you feeling cool and refreshed long after the snack. Drinking green tea and coconut water can have the same, long-lasting and refreshing effects – no matter how hot it gets outside.

Fight sunburns

Natural foods, such as grapefruit and tomatoes, contain a lot of lycopene. In addition to being a force for good when it comes to fighting cancer, lycopene is also widely credited with helping to protect the skin from damage from the sun’s UV rays. It never hurts to have one more layer of defense against the sun – especially when it tastes this good!

Improve health

The more colorful the combination of fruits and vegetables you consume on a regular basis, the more health promoting goodness your body is rewarded with.

Boost immunity

Garlic, citrus fruits, and Greek yogurt are excellent resources for boosting immunity. Drinking black tea in large quantities, five cups or more per day, according to research at Harvard University, also boosts immunity due to the L-theanine that is found in black tea.

Stabilize blood sugar

According to Men’s Health cinnamon is an excellent choice for stabilizing blood sugar in addition to other natural foods such as spinach, kale, almonds, cold-water fish, and high-fiber grains.

Manage inflammation

Natural foods such as kelp, turmeric, and green tea all serve to help manage inflammation.

Bolster metabolism

What do cayenne peppers, garlic, coconut oil, and cinnamon have in common? It’s not the recipe for granny’s famous breakfast muffins, that’s for sure. These natural foods are excellent choices for bolstering your metabolism and turning your body into the calorie burning, energy-producing machine it’s supposed to be.

Launch libido

Watermelon, avocados, dark chocolate, and asparagus  all contribute to higher states of heat in their own way. There has been wide speculation about chocolate and women’s libido, but the Journal of Sexual Medicine recently confirmed that women who had a piece of chocolate daily enjoyed a more active sex life. Asparagus, with its high levels of vitamin B is a real libido booster for men and women while avocados are known more for their impact as a natural food libido enhancement for men.

Manage allergies

Local, raw honey is a beautiful tool for helping block many of the more painful symptoms of allergies. In fact, it’s like building up your own natural immunity to allergies without chemical laden injections.

Suppress appetite

No matter how fit and fabulous you may be now, most people today are still watching calories, and trying to eat a better combination of foods. You probably want to avoid overeating and may even be looking for ways to curb cravings for comfort-food favorites you know aren’t good for your body. Eating foods like almonds, apples, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, wasabi, and steel cut oatmeal can help suppress your appetite.

Improve energy

High-energy natural foods might surprise you. A few of the favorites you’ll want to consider include eggs, edamame, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa. These foods offer high amounts of energy building protein and are excellent choices for early meals and midafternoon pick-me-ups.

Relieve anxiety

Whole grains, seaweed, almonds, and blueberries are all excellent food choices for relieving anxiety and balancing mood. While diet alone is rarely adequate to eliminate anxiety on its own, eating the rights foods in combination with other treatment options such as deep breathing exercises and, perhaps herbal supplements, is highly effective.

The shocking news, if you look closely at the list, is that many of these natural foods help the body out in more than one way. It’s exciting to see what a difference a few changes in diet can make for your overall health and wellness.



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