Lose Weight Quickly With These Successful Principals

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It is recommended that we get about 30-45 minutes of exercise 4 or 5 days
a week to lose weight, stay fit and be healthy. But, let’s face it. We are all
too often boxed in by the limitations of daily pressures, struggling with work
and home commitments, which allow little time for exercise. Though we
cannot go back and make a new start, we can start now and make a new

You need persistence and need to set goals. These goals need to be
measurable, eg. ‘How’ much weight do you want to lose and by ‘When’
and you need to make your goals realistic. I would advise you to set short
and long term goals so you can focus on how well you have done so far
and not on how far you have to go. Add variety to make exercise fun, if
you see it as a chore you will not stick to it. Find a training buddy who has
similar weight loss goals to yours so you can motivate each other to reach
your goals. Visualise you being how you want to look when you have
reached your goals, how good you will look in your new clothes, how
confident you will feel and then go out and get it.

To Burn Fat and Lose Weight you need to be exercising at 80% of your
work rate to get results and get in the best shape of your life in the quickest
time, ideally with a mixture of Cardio and Abdominal workouts. Always start
your exercise with a nice easy warm up to get your heart rate up and focus
mentally and physically to get ready to give it everything you have got.
Exercise at a good pace and good rhythm to maintain your form throughout
your workout. Always warm down and stretch after your workout and be proud
of what you have just done.

Water is a key component to life; no living creature can live without a fresh
supply of water for very long. Your body is comprised of 70% water, your blood
is nearly 80% water and your brain is nearly 85% water. So it is important to stay
hydrated all day, every day and if you think you are going to function physically
and mentally without getting enough water then you are just fooling yourself.
Your muscles will not be able to get strong enough, they will never be able to
recuperate fast enough and will never look defined enough. On top of that if
you don’t consume enough water you will age faster, retain more water, be more
susceptible to germs and colds, lose joint mobility and much more. If you weight
150lbs (68kg) and below you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, and
16 glasses of water if you weight over 150lbs (68kg).

You have to put the work in to get the result you want, you can do it and you
will do it. Set your short and long term goals, get focussed mentally and physically,
and record your results as you progress to your goals.

If you exercise you will lose weight, burn fat, tone up, improve your fitness,
improve your strength, improve your stamina, increase your energy levels,
boost your confidence, and create leaner and healthier you.

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By: Nigel Jeal


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