4 Tips on Losing Weight

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If you’re overweight and you are trying to lose weight, you may be thinking that you will be able to lose a lot of weight really fast. The truth of the matter is that it takes time to lose weight and you have to be patient as you’re trying to lose weight. There are no overnight solutions and it’s going to take determination and perseverance to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle.

With that in mind, I want to share with you what I call “super tips” that will help you to stay focused on losing weight and will also help you to see results faster.

Tip #1 – Have a goal in mind. Set a goal for yourself of how much weight that you want to lose and set time aside each day to reach that goal. Write down your goal if you have to. Write down the dress size that you want to be able to wear if you want to. Write down what you want to be able to physically accomplish whenever you reach your goal and make your plans to do it.

Tip #2 – Forget about quick results. It’s much easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight, which I’m sure you’ve learned by now. The expectation of losing weight fast is one of the main problems that people face and it also causes many people to not reach their weight loss goals. Just keep in mind that it will take time to lose the weight, but no matter how long it takes to lose it, it will be worth it in the end.

Tip #3 – Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Losing weight just may be one of the toughest things that you will ever do in your life. You will have to constantly battle with urges to eat some of your favorite foods. You’ll constantly have to battle with the temptation to quit exercising. You will not want to change your eating habits. You are going to enter into a battle of will and you have to prepare yourself to win the battle to lose weight and to reach your goals. This really is a case of “easier said than done”.

Tip #4 – Surround yourself with support. Yes, it will be hard to do, but if you surround yourself with people that want to help you reach your goals or people that have accomplished what you are trying to do, then losing weight will not be as difficult for you as it is for other people.

So, there you have it. Maybe you were expecting a list of exercises you should perform or a list of foods you should avoid. Yes, those are important, but you’ll find that losing weight is a test of will and not of exercise or food and the person that knows this in their mind will be the victor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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Weight Loss And Depression Verses Losing Weight And Positive Mental Attitude

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A lot of people find themselves gaining weight very fast rate because of one of society’s biggest negative factors: depression. Depression can influence so many aspects of your life and gaining weight is usually one of the first signs of depression. People that suffer from depression usually suffer from weight gain as well and find comfort in eating food, especially their favorite foods, which usually ends up being all kinds of snacks and foods that are high in fats, sodium, and sugars.

A lot of people that are also trying to lose weight will face depression in their weight-loss efforts as well. They mainly face depression because they don’t feel that they’re losing weight as fast as they feel they should or that they’re not losing as much weight as they want to lose.

Losing weight takes time and it also takes a positive mental attitude. In order to lose weight, you need to constantly find ways to encourage yourself and find ways to maintain a positive mental attitude towards losing weight. Just because a day goes by that you did not lose a pound doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to lose the weight that you’re trying to lose.

Staying positive while losing weight isn’t all that difficult. The first thing that you should do is take it one day at a time. What I mean by that is focus on your weight loss efforts for each day and stay positive towards those weight-loss efforts.

Do all that you can during each day to stay on your course to lose weight. Watch what you eat, continue your exercise, and always, always encourage yourself with the progress that you’ve made up to this point. Don’t ever be discouraged if you’ve only lost 5 pounds in seven days; if your goal was to lose 7 pounds in seven days. Remember you still lost 5 pounds in seven days even though it wasn’t the 7 pounds you were shooting for and that is something to encourage yourself with to maintain a positive mental attitude.

You also need to make every pound count. Along the lines of what I’ve mentioned before, set realistic goals for yourself and don’t try to do too much in too little time. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself and then don’t achieve them, then you’re going to be depressed about that and that is not what you need to stay positive. If you need to, make your goals ridiculously low at first and then as you see yourself accomplishing the low goals, start raising them a bit higher. The key here is to focus on achievable progress and by doing that it will help you to stay positive because you are actually seeing results.

Staying positive isn’t hard really. Focus on what you’re doing, encourage yourself with the results, always continue working toward your goals, and before you know it, you will be encouraging others just like yourself and seeing them achieve the results they desire.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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Which One Of These Excuses Not To Exercise Is Sabotaging Your Efforts To Permanently Lose Weight?

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It appears that everyone is attempting to lose weight nowadays but nobody is really succeeding. Talk to anybody, and most of them will say “I’m trying,” or “I’m dieting,” or “I’d love to burn off a couple of pounds.” However, there are 5 reasons that prevent everybody from achieving their goal.

Which one of these excuses not to exercise is sabotaging your efforts to permanently lose weight?

  • I’m Too Busy
  • I Don’t Understand What Works
  • I Don’t Care
  • I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym
  • I’ve No Motivation

Which one of these groups do you fall under?

Let’s take a closer look at these groups and address them individually and see if we can strengthen your weight loss plan.

I’m Too Busy

This is the most popular excuse; I’m too busy to exercise! Sorry, that’s rubbish and I don’t buy it for one minute!  The most successful people always fit exercise into their lives, as do busy single mothers who have two jobs.  I get it, you have work and family commitments but I still find it hard to believe that you can’t find time to exercise.

Make time to exercise! Get up 30 minutes earlier and do your workout before you go to work, that way if your meetings overrun or you end up having to work late your exercise is already done. You can go home and relax for the evening.

2 hours can save your life! You only need to exercise for 45 minutes 3 times a week.  With 168 hours in each week surely you can find 2 hours to fit in some exercise.  How much TV do you watch? How much time do you spend on Facebook and YouTube? How many hours do you spend playing Call Of Duty or Halo?  It all mounts up to a lot of time that could be used to get in the shape of your life.  I’m not saying you have to give it all up, just make a small effort fit in your exercise.

I Don’t Understand What Works

This is another big excuse for not exercising.  So many people start and then quit because they don’t understand what they’re doing and they’re not making progress.  Let’s get you on the right road to success.

You need Social Support! I’ve said it before, the missing factor in most weight loss plans is getting social support from your family and friends.  The more people you tell the more powerful your belief and confidence will become, so tell your work colleagues and Facebook friends and have them make you accountable for your success.

Make Plans and Set Goals! You need to create a weight loss plan, setting short and long term goals so you can monitor your progress throughout.  Record your results weekly and make sure you improve over time, the article How To Monitor Your Weight Loss Progress should explain things in more detail.  Take photos before, during and at the end of your goal, share them with friends on Facebook and Pinterest, seeing your body transform will give you more confidence and encouragement to continue, it will become addictive.

You can’t out cardio a bad diet! It’s true, you can’t expect to eat and drink whatever you want and then expect to be able to run it off. You can burn off 500 calories in an hour but can easily put it back on in a couple of minutes.  Cut out all the junk food, pop and other sugars and replace them with fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthier foods.

Exercise is Boring? Really!  It’s only boring if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Look, the real secret to sticking to an exercise plan is by doing something you will enjoy and have fun doing it and by following a proven workout program.  The article The Best Time To Exercise and Eating For Success, should help you with what works and why.

Am I making mistakes? If not, try harder. Try to perform outside of your comfort zone to excel.  Training in this zone means you will make mistakes, and keep learning how to improve your performance as a result.

I Don’t Care

This is one excuse the really makes me sad, some people see their health and fitness as a LOW priority.  They’re really unhappy and don’t like, look or feel in the shape they want to be and have given up trying.  I don’t want you to feel like this so let’s try and change your attitude and find a way to care.

You need to think about your Health! If you don’t eat a healthy diet and make time to exercise you are putting yourself at risk of developing diseases and other health issues.  The last thing you want is to get sick, it can be very expensive paying out your hard earned money for medicines and treatment.  Invest in your health instead.

You need to think about your Kids! You need to care about your health and this should make you think more seriously about it.  Do you want to see your kids grow up? Do you want to see you grand kids grow up? If you start looking after your health now you can prevent any future damage or health issues.

I don’t have the energy! If you follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water, at least six litres a day, this will not only keep you hydrated, it will give your body a massive supercharge of energy and it will improve mental endurance.

Healthy people are Successful people!  It’s true, many successful people keep in great shape.  This gives them the drive and confidence to come out of the darkness and get great results in every aspect to drastically transform their lives.  Don’t you want this too?

I’ll only fail if I give up! Quitting isn’t the result of failure, it’s the cause.  Everything else – the mistakes, the pain is actually part of the road to success.  Every workout completed, nutritious meal eaten and obstacle overcome counts towards achieving your end goal.

I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

I can’t afford a gym membership? You’re not alone!  A lot of people simply cannot afford the annual costs a gym membership.  You don’t need to exercise using the popular machines in the gym and spend your precious time waiting until other people have finished using them.  Are you really getting value for your money?

I’m embarrassed to go until I lose some weight! Again, you’re not alone! Many people feel embarrassed and intimidated when they start going to the gym. The good thing is you don’t need a gym to lose weight and get in shape…you can exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  When you are confident to go to the gym, ask a friend or exercise buddy to go with you, this will make you focus on exercising and not worrying about what others are thinking about you.

I’ve no equipment to exercise at home! I have some good news, you don’t need any equipment to exercise at home, you can do this using bodyweight exercises.  I’m going to reveal some exercises that will really help you burn fat, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and press ups, this is just a few of many, many exercises that burn fat.

I’ve No Motivation

I am a firm believer in finding out what goes on in everybody’s mind when trying to lose weight, and I’ve written articles on Psychological Land Mines and Psychological Strategies For Your Weight Loss PlanLet’s take a look at some ways to help motivate you.

What’s the positive? Negative thoughts can crop up if you’re pushing yourself, but you don’t have to fight them off.  Acknowledge them and find the positive correlation.  “This hurts” will then become “this feeling is linked to getting stronger”.

“You have to face your fears and challenge them head on, or your psychological land mines will blow up your weight loss dreams.”  ~Nigel Jeal

Right here and right now! Stay in the here and now, and let all potential future events fade in to the background.  The only moment we can do anything about is this one.  Do something that will make it count.  Focusing like this helps to improve your concentration and reactions.

What’s my superpower? Recently Nik Wallenda fulfilled his dream of walking on a tightrope across the Niagara Falls, directly over the precipice on a two-inch wire.  What about you? Your imagination can be a powerful tool when you’re struggling.  If you’re running up a hill, imagine a magnet pulling you effortlessly to the top, this trick will subconsciously increase your speed and power.  Find out what your superpower is and use this as your motivation to succeed!

So, Which one of these excuses not to exercise is sabotaging your efforts to permanently lose weight?

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

– Nigel

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3 Success Principles For High Performance

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By Nigel Jeal

What is it that people know and do to become a high performer and achieve so much in their lives?

…and what can you do, to amplify your performance no matter what you do in life?

How can you learn these secrets and join the other people who are really high performing…those people who are energized, engaged and fulfilled by life?

Here are 3 success principles for high performance that will give you the ability, energy and excitement and make YOU achieve everything you want.


What is it that makes your mind and behaviour run? Why is it that you do what you do? How is it that people think and use their mind and their behaviours to architect the greatest quality of life for themselves?

Are you living your truth?

You need to know and identify what YOUR truth is.
Help associate this with a description of your higher self (your identity & psychology).
Ask yourself: Who do you want to be ideally? – then you live in congruence with that.

What 3 words really define who I am as a person?
For example, my words of emphasis are: Present, Enthusiastic (excited and optimistic), Bold (am I personally pushing and stretching myself).  Write your 3 words below:

What 3 words should define how I should interact with others?
For example, my words of social identity are: Caring (do others sense that I care about the relationship & them), Inspiring (trying to lift others in life) and Engaged (that I am there for others). Write your 3 words below:

If you haven’t defined who you are, you might be meandering through life.  Once you have defined yourself, your thoughts and behaviours now revolve around this…

…say these things to yourself over and over each day, maybe create an acronym to remind yourself.

Highly successful people have a clear identity. They seek to live their life in congruence with that identity. It is a high standard of who they want to be and how they want to operate in life. That is what pulls them, they have a vision of being and living their highest self.

Do this and watch what happens to your productivity, your engagement, your love of life.


Purpose gives life that grand meaning and connection. This is what helps you feel more engaged, more alive and more fulfilled.

Purpose is the base of the entire framework of these success principles…

High performers are always connected to purpose and the meaning of life. They are aware of the meaning of why they are doing what they are doing.

How can I serve greatly?

Asking yourself this question will inspire you to get out of yourself. It will allow you to think about your contributions to your community and the greater world.

When people can see you have a focus and inspire for a higher purpose that allows them to feel they can connect with you. It builds trust as they follow you knowing you are serving a greater purpose in your own life. When you are connected… people feel it.


High performers focus on physiology, the way they move and fuel their bodies to create the energy, strength and stamina that they need to actually accomplish their goals. When you are exhausted and tired consistently you are not only activating your physiology but you are not caring for yourself. It is hard to achieve your dreams in life when you let your body go. Frustration comes in your life when you do not have the energy to deal with your life, your kids, your work, or with accomplishing your ambitions.

High performance is about a sustained level of energy and engagement in life that does not go away. It is not a peak and then goes down. It’s high and consistent.

It comes from using and fuelling your body in unique ways – Get your sleep & drink enough water.

Are you rested and fully hydrated?

Are you sleeping, eating, exercising, and hydrating enough to have the energy you deserve?

When you have the energy you need then motivation and ambition come easily.

These are 3 success principles that I have put into play and put into my life that has allowed me to be a high performer and achieve a lot more.

I encourage you to be bold and confident, push and challenge yourself even more.   I challenge you that if you will focus and act on each of these areas, running them through your mind, that your level of performance, your level of connection with yourself, others and the world will pick up and increase.  You will have the ability, energy and excitement to accomplish anything in this world and you can break through any barrier to achieve your highest potential.


Nigel Jeal

Psychological Strategies To Help Your Weight Loss Plan

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By Nigel Jeal

Weight loss is hard enough planning the right diet and exercise program without dealing with psychological issues weighing on your mind and affecting your motivation.

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve been in your shoes, and have a little known trick that I’m going to reveal to you…

You see, you can actually use your rest days to think about psychological strategies to help your weight loss plan.

Today, you are going to discover psychological strategies to use your current mood and turn it to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at two moods, Aggression and Calm…

…and how to use these strategies to give you the right mindset and motivate you to focus on your goals.


You’re Useless!

Rage can force you to improve yourself or even the world.  Imagine of the last time you suffered severe injustice and channel those emotions into working harder during your workout.

I’m Not A Quitter, I’m Getting Fitter!

Rhymes and Affirmations such as these are amazing as when you’re feeling lethargic or tempted to indulge, you want positive thoughts to burst into your head to keep you focused.

Today Is My Opportunity To Achieve!

Talk to yourself to achieve your goals.  Use phrases like: Today I want to…  In the gym I will… Commit to achieving a goal that scares you, it will bring a meaning to your life.  This will spur you on, taking you from “I want” to “I am doing”.

This Will NOT Beat Me!

Inside your mind, you have a warrior.  It’s part of your fight or flight reaction, and can be engaged when you push yourself.  This is a statement of intent and by repeating this affirmation it will help you access this aggression, and use it to your advantage.

Stand Up and Move On!

Yes, you’re human.  If you fall off the wagon and miss a target, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Instead, learn to accept failure.  Focus on what this slip up has taught you, and remember it next time.  Learn from your mistakes and move on and get back on track…there’s work to be done!


Learn To Know Yourself!

Sum up your character in three words.  Once you realise you are the author of your script, it can be very empowering.  Think positive, think powerful… and go make it happen!

Why am I doing this?

Asking yourself why you have set yourself the tasks you’re aiming for is a powerful motivation tool.  Think: Why am I going to the gym? You’ll respond by visualising your end goal, with the result that you’ll push yourself harder.  Think about how you want to feel.

What is my End goal?

Fight off cravings for things that are bad for you by focusing on what number you are working towards.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s losing 5 inches from your waist or 5lbs in weight.

How Will I Feel If I Stop?

This particular question causes you to think about the negative emotions you’ll experience if you quit.  Precious motivation if you’re hitting your interval training limit or last set of resistance training.

Nobody else is teaching you this stuff, if you’ve got the desire and commitment implement these strategies into your weight loss plan and fat loss exercise program.  Your motivation will skyrocket to new levels and the results will catapult you towards your long term goals…making YOU the next big success story.

Stay Strong,


Nigel Jeal