Foods To Eat To Lose Weight – Make A Difference

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Have you been trying to find information on what foods to eat to lose weight? I think I can help you out. There are whole categories of foods available to help you lose weight.

Lean meats like chicken and turkey, fish, whole grains like oatmeal or cereal, fresh fruits and lots of fresh vegetables are the key to losing weight. The chicken, turkey, and fish give you the protein you need, the whole grains give you the fiber and the fresh fruits and vegetable give you the rest of the vitamins and nutrients you need for healthy living.

Processed foods are loaded with bad carbohydrates and should be avoided at all costs. Sugar and anything sweetened with sugar should be avoided also. Basically anything white, white sugar, white flour, white rice should not be included in your healthy diet plan.

How many of us would rather have a meal of steak and baked potato than a just a measly old salad? Yeah, me too. But there are many ways to dress up your salad. Go ahead and cook that steak but, instead of eating it with that baked potato, slice it up and put about three ounces on your salad. You can do the same thing with a chicken breast or a small can of tuna.

Do not worry, you will not have to eat salads for the rest of your life. There are so many foods to eat to lose weight you will not get bored with the same old thing all the time.

I know for most of us portion control can be a real problem. To get around this check what the serving size is on the package and eat only what is recommended. measure it out so you know you are doing it right and stop with the one serving, don’t go back for seconds.

When you go out to eat the portions they serve you are absolutely huge. Do not eat all the food they bring you! Only eat 1/3 to 1/2 of what they serve you and take the rest home. Skip the bread and dessert. If you find you cannot skip the dessert then ask your dinner companion would like to split a dessert with you. That one little move saves you half the calories. Awesome, now you’re getting it.

If you are overweight and change your habits to making sure you eat only the recommended portion sizes you can lose a good 25 pounds in 6 months. I know this because I have done it myself. I just decided one day that I was eating too much at one sitting and started cutting my portions in half and the weight came off almost without my knowing it. It was incredible.

If you make sure that every meal has a serving of lean meat, vegetables and a whole grain with a side of fruit, or have the fruit for dessert, you should have no problems when it comes to knowing what foods to eat to lose weight.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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