10 Tips to Train SAFE

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By Nigel Jeal

It is very important for all of us to train conservatively and not overdo things. 

Follow this guide and you will be able to train properly and safely.

Let’s Get Started…

1. Don’t do any exercise that you aren’t sure how to do. Always get personal instruction from a certified trainer.

2. Don’t do anything that hurts or “doesn’t feel right”. There are plenty of alternative exercises for every movement.

3. Whenever you start a NEW program, use lighter weights than normal, and only 1 set per exercise. You must expect extra soreness when starting a new program just because of the new exercises, so don’t try to set world records in a new program right away.

4. If you need extra recovery within the workout or between workouts, don’t hesitate to take it. Safety first.

5. Use a spotter if you are training with heavy weights. If you train alone at home, do NOT train to failure. Safety first.

6. Check your ego at the gym door and start with the easier alternative exercises if appropriate, even if you have exercised in the past. The new exercises, and new style of movements will cause muscle soreness even from workouts you think “look easy”.

7. Do NOT do interval training more than 4 times per week. Even pro athletes don’t play hard everyday, so why should we?

8. Never skip a warm-up. Use the general bodyweight warm-ups and the specific warm-up sets in each workout.

9. If you want to start the program but you have an injury, get medical attention and have a professional therapist rehabilitate your injury before starting an exercise program.

10. Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet program. Safety first!

Bonus Tip

11. If you decide to use running as your form of interval training, make sure you have good running shoes, always do an extra thorough warm-up, and choose a safe running surface (grass or trails rather than pavement/concrete). If you use a treadmill, please operate it safely.

Stay safe,


Nigel Jeal


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