3 Success Principles For High Performance

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By Nigel Jeal

What is it that people know and do to become a high performer and achieve so much in their lives?

…and what can you do, to amplify your performance no matter what you do in life?

How can you learn these secrets and join the other people who are really high performing…those people who are energized, engaged and fulfilled by life?

Here are 3 success principles for high performance that will give you the ability, energy and excitement and make YOU achieve everything you want.


What is it that makes your mind and behaviour run? Why is it that you do what you do? How is it that people think and use their mind and their behaviours to architect the greatest quality of life for themselves?

Are you living your truth?

You need to know and identify what YOUR truth is.
Help associate this with a description of your higher self (your identity & psychology).
Ask yourself: Who do you want to be ideally? – then you live in congruence with that.

What 3 words really define who I am as a person?
For example, my words of emphasis are: Present, Enthusiastic (excited and optimistic), Bold (am I personally pushing and stretching myself).  Write your 3 words below:

What 3 words should define how I should interact with others?
For example, my words of social identity are: Caring (do others sense that I care about the relationship & them), Inspiring (trying to lift others in life) and Engaged (that I am there for others). Write your 3 words below:

If you haven’t defined who you are, you might be meandering through life.  Once you have defined yourself, your thoughts and behaviours now revolve around this…

…say these things to yourself over and over each day, maybe create an acronym to remind yourself.

Highly successful people have a clear identity. They seek to live their life in congruence with that identity. It is a high standard of who they want to be and how they want to operate in life. That is what pulls them, they have a vision of being and living their highest self.

Do this and watch what happens to your productivity, your engagement, your love of life.


Purpose gives life that grand meaning and connection. This is what helps you feel more engaged, more alive and more fulfilled.

Purpose is the base of the entire framework of these success principles…

High performers are always connected to purpose and the meaning of life. They are aware of the meaning of why they are doing what they are doing.

How can I serve greatly?

Asking yourself this question will inspire you to get out of yourself. It will allow you to think about your contributions to your community and the greater world.

When people can see you have a focus and inspire for a higher purpose that allows them to feel they can connect with you. It builds trust as they follow you knowing you are serving a greater purpose in your own life. When you are connected… people feel it.


High performers focus on physiology, the way they move and fuel their bodies to create the energy, strength and stamina that they need to actually accomplish their goals. When you are exhausted and tired consistently you are not only activating your physiology but you are not caring for yourself. It is hard to achieve your dreams in life when you let your body go. Frustration comes in your life when you do not have the energy to deal with your life, your kids, your work, or with accomplishing your ambitions.

High performance is about a sustained level of energy and engagement in life that does not go away. It is not a peak and then goes down. It’s high and consistent.

It comes from using and fuelling your body in unique ways – Get your sleep & drink enough water.

Are you rested and fully hydrated?

Are you sleeping, eating, exercising, and hydrating enough to have the energy you deserve?

When you have the energy you need then motivation and ambition come easily.

These are 3 success principles that I have put into play and put into my life that has allowed me to be a high performer and achieve a lot more.

I encourage you to be bold and confident, push and challenge yourself even more.   I challenge you that if you will focus and act on each of these areas, running them through your mind, that your level of performance, your level of connection with yourself, others and the world will pick up and increase.  You will have the ability, energy and excitement to accomplish anything in this world and you can break through any barrier to achieve your highest potential.


Nigel Jeal


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