Bodyweight 100 Challenge

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I have another great video workout for you…

In this video Fitness Expert Craig Ballantyne will outline the bodyweight 100 challenge

Here’s the video you need to watch…

Enjoy :)

There are four weekend challenges as part of the Bodyweight 500 workout program. Each week you will do a Bodyweight challenge and if you finish under the allotted time, then you graduate into the next week’s challenge.

This video will outline the Bodyweight 100 challenge.

To start, you will perform 20 prisoner squats, maintaining good form by keeping your elbows back and shoulders blades together.

Immediately following the squats, go directly into 20 push ups. If you cannot do 20 repetitions straight, then you can break it up however you desire, or do as many as you can and take a rest.

Next, you will do 10 jumps.

After the jumps, you will complete 10 repetitions of the inverted row, using an overhand grip.

Then immediately go into 20 lunges, alternating sides.

Once you’ve done all the repetitions for the lunges, move on to 15 closed- grip push-ups. For this exercise you want to place your hands shoulder- width apart and your elbows tucked into your sides. Again, if you can’t do 15 in a row, then you might do 5, then 5, then 5.

To finish off you will do either 5 chin-ups or 5 more inverted rows for a total of 100 repetitions.

Now if you don’t make the cut-off time for the Bodyweight 100, then you will repeat this challenge the following week. However, if you do manage to beat the time, then the next week you will move up to the Bodyweight 200.


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