You Can’t Starve Yourself And Lose Stomach Fat

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Trying to lose stomach fat? Here’s a tip: You can’t do it by “starving” yourself. Why? Because eating less, while it may work for a little while…will actually put your efforts to lose fat in reverse after a time. This happens because your body adjusts to the amount of food you are eating and when it thinks you’re in “starvation” mode, it actually stores your calorie intake as fat! Not good, right? So, what is the solution? How can you take off the unsightly tummy roll and not starve yourself to do it? First off, you’ve still got to eat. The trick is to eat smarter.

Here’s how: eat smaller meals throughout the day while you’re more active and really pay attention to how many calories you’re putting in. It’s widely known if you continue to eat the same number or more calories than your body gets rid of (burns off) in a day, you’re not going to lose weight. You can still eat the “kinds” of food you like, you will simply have to closely monitor your calorie intake. Try to eat your meals earlier in the day, as well. Your body burns calories faster while you’re awake and active than it does during times of rest.

To lose stomach fat, don’t eat a heavy, high-calorie meal or snack right before bedtime. Your body is likely to turn those calories into fat because your body just don’t burn off that many calories by sleeping. According to the Calories Burned Chart at, a person weighing 150 pounds will burn approximately 12 calories during 10 minutes of sleep. If this same person slept for eight hours, they’d burn an average of 72 calories per hour, or only 576 calories in a full night of sleep. That doesn’t leave much room for snacking at bedtime, does it?

Some people feel they simply must eat a snack before bed to keep from feeling like they’re going to starve before breakfast. If this is you, before you grab that snack bar or something to munch, consider this: If you’re serious about taking off the stomach fat, you will need to have already burned your daily calorie intake away through regular activity or exercise, and then choose something with only one-half or less the amount of calories you’ll burn off by sleeping in order to still burn off a bit of the excess fat you want to get rid of.

You can lose stomach fat and you don’t have to eat special foods or no food to do it. You don’t have to (and in fact shouldn’t try to) starve yourself either. Since starving yourself tends to have the opposite effect than the one intended, you can obviously see it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to engage in this sort of “reverse effect” attempt to burn fat. Instead, concentrate on eating fewer calories than you know you can easily and reasonably burn off in a day and the fat will begin to disappear.

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