6 Eating Out Rules When You’re On A Diet

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By Nigel Jeal

Despite what you may have heard you can still enjoy eating out when you’re on a diet. 

If you’re worried you might overdo things by eating the wrong things and ruining all your hard work STOP WORRYING NOW!  Here’s 6 Eating Out Rules for you to follow, stick to these rules and you’ll stay on the right road to success.

1. Regularly Depend On The Size Of Your Meal Portions

You will soon get a sense of just how much food is right for you on a particular day. When you know what’s right for you, stick with that plan. Even if your main meal has what may be considered several servings of carbohydrates and proteins it does not mean that you need to actually eat everything on your plate. Just eat one of each and take what’s left home for later. Alternatively simply ask for a lunch sized portion or smaller sized portion, the majority of restaurants are often able to cater for this kind of request.

2. Request A Meal From The Restaurants Specialty Health Menu

The majority of restaurants have a page their menu which exclusively caters to help people on a diet. Typically, this page will feature both low-fat and low-carb menu choices. Usually, main meals contain hidden fat, they might sound healthy but there NOT.  Therefore, the low-fat options will have a more normal amount of the macronutrient. Go grilled and have the restaurant hold the butter on the veggies.

3. Increase, Take Away, And Replace Parts Of Your Meal

If you decide not to order from the specialty menu, you have the freedom to increase, take away or replace side items of your meal for a smarter, healthier choice. When eating out swapping the carbohydrates for veggies is the smarter choice.

4. Pass Up On The Appetizers And Desserts

Your main meal should cover your protein, carbohydrates, and fat needs, and most will leave you with extra, so you don’t need to add more via appetizers and desserts. However, it might be hard to simply sit there while friends have an appetizer, so make the smarter, healthier choice and order a small greens salad with light dressing.

5. Don’t Starve Yourself

Never starve yourself during the day if you are just trying to compensate for a planned meal out. It’s a common mistake people make and inevitably end up eating more. If you are really hungry you are far more likely to choose the less-healthy options.  So have your normal daily meals and you will arrive at the restaurant healthily hungry. 

6. Limit Your Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks contain a significant amount of calories, for that reason you will be able to understand how your daily calorie allowance can rapidly accumulate, especially if you are adding several glasses to the mix. Limit your alcohol, one beer is ok, drink lots of water to stay as hydrated as possible.

Enjoy eating out,


Nigel Jeal


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