Advice for Helping Teens Lose Weight

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Losing weight as a teen is far different from losing weight as an adult. Weight loss in a teen
depends on their age, the metabolic rate, their eating habits, and the type of lifestyle they

For many teens, losing weight is easier than it is for an adult. The teenage body burns
calories much easier and quicker. Often, teens lead a much more active lifestyle; they enjoy
doing exercise, walking, jogging or participating in some form of sports. These types of
exercises will help boost a teen’s metabolism, and increase the amount of calories they burn.

Teens could start with one of the many fad diets that are available, but they should only use
these for about a week. Anything longer can cause damage to their bodies. After a week of
using a fad diet, they should continue on a much more healthy diet regime, one that allows
them to lose weight more slowly, which is the best way to lose weight healthily.

When on a diet, a teen should also lead a more active lifestyle. They can do this by
exercising whenever possible, or participating in some sporting activity. This is especially
important for teenagers, as they are still growing, and they need more food. They need to
exercise in order to help remove some of the extra calories they are gaining from the extra
food they are eating. So, get out and exercise. If they sit around at home watching TV or
playing on the computer, they will soon find that their weight has increased.

As a teenager, you have much more energy, so put it to good use by exercising or becoming
involved in sports. The best benefit is they are exercising their bodies and burning off the
excess fat and calories which improves their health.

It is imperative, therefore, for those teens to lead both an active life, and have a healthy diet,
in order to achieve maximum performance and productivity. Many teens who lead healthy
lifestyles, find they are able to do everything they want, and do not suffer from fatigue or

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