Psychological Land Mines

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By Nigel Jeal

“You have to face your fears and challenge them head on, or your psychological land mines will blow up your weight loss dreams.” ~Nigel Jeal

Psychological Land Mines are those fears and negative thoughts, those self-conscious and insecure beliefs that we continue to hold about ourselves, that consciously and subconsciously controls and rules our attitudes and confidence levels with an iron fist. You need to approach your challenges “Head On” and overcome all your obstacles at all costs to prevent these psychological land mines blowing up your weight loss dreams.

Everyone has their own internal demons, even the most confident of people has their own subconscious fears and negative thoughts working against them and stopping them achieving the results they want. I can also tell you who created these little monsters running though our minds. The Proverbial “Enemy From Within”.

Here’s Your Chance To Gain Control…

You have to “Search and Destroy”, rooting out each and every psychological land mine that has been carefully place or even dumped in our consciousness. You see, the human brain is very much like a computer and just like a computer there are good files and bad files. You need to search for all the negative files and delete them one-by-one from our minds.

It will allow you to start afresh with a completely clean slate, on which you can skilfully and intentionally re-program the systems you want running and supply yourself with the data and files you care to have running the show from this point on. It will not only take time, but focus, dedication and determination.

Imagine, For A Moment, That It’s 6 Months From Today…

You have taken action to overcome all your fears and negative thoughts, followed a healthy diet and followed a proven exercise program which has really revved up your metabolism. The result, you have achieved your weight loss goals and successfully boost your confidence, self esteem as well as getting the body you’ve always wanted.

Stay Strong,

Nigel Jeal


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