Psychological Strategies To Help Your Weight Loss Plan

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By Nigel Jeal

Weight loss is hard enough planning the right diet and exercise program without dealing with psychological issues weighing on your mind and affecting your motivation.

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve been in your shoes, and have a little known trick that I’m going to reveal to you…

You see, you can actually use your rest days to think about psychological strategies to help your weight loss plan.

Today, you are going to discover psychological strategies to use your current mood and turn it to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at two moods, Aggression and Calm…

…and how to use these strategies to give you the right mindset and motivate you to focus on your goals.


You’re Useless!

Rage can force you to improve yourself or even the world.  Imagine of the last time you suffered severe injustice and channel those emotions into working harder during your workout.

I’m Not A Quitter, I’m Getting Fitter!

Rhymes and Affirmations such as these are amazing as when you’re feeling lethargic or tempted to indulge, you want positive thoughts to burst into your head to keep you focused.

Today Is My Opportunity To Achieve!

Talk to yourself to achieve your goals.  Use phrases like: Today I want to…  In the gym I will… Commit to achieving a goal that scares you, it will bring a meaning to your life.  This will spur you on, taking you from “I want” to “I am doing”.

This Will NOT Beat Me!

Inside your mind, you have a warrior.  It’s part of your fight or flight reaction, and can be engaged when you push yourself.  This is a statement of intent and by repeating this affirmation it will help you access this aggression, and use it to your advantage.

Stand Up and Move On!

Yes, you’re human.  If you fall off the wagon and miss a target, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Instead, learn to accept failure.  Focus on what this slip up has taught you, and remember it next time.  Learn from your mistakes and move on and get back on track…there’s work to be done!


Learn To Know Yourself!

Sum up your character in three words.  Once you realise you are the author of your script, it can be very empowering.  Think positive, think powerful… and go make it happen!

Why am I doing this?

Asking yourself why you have set yourself the tasks you’re aiming for is a powerful motivation tool.  Think: Why am I going to the gym? You’ll respond by visualising your end goal, with the result that you’ll push yourself harder.  Think about how you want to feel.

What is my End goal?

Fight off cravings for things that are bad for you by focusing on what number you are working towards.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s losing 5 inches from your waist or 5lbs in weight.

How Will I Feel If I Stop?

This particular question causes you to think about the negative emotions you’ll experience if you quit.  Precious motivation if you’re hitting your interval training limit or last set of resistance training.

Nobody else is teaching you this stuff, if you’ve got the desire and commitment implement these strategies into your weight loss plan and fat loss exercise program.  Your motivation will skyrocket to new levels and the results will catapult you towards your long term goals…making YOU the next big success story.

Stay Strong,


Nigel Jeal


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