Fitness Expert Reveals New Workout that Boosts Metabolism for Up to 40 Hours

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Today, I’ve got something very special for you…

An exclusive interview with my friend and world-famous fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne.

In this shocking new interview, Craig reveals the truth about cardio.

Plus, he delivers the latest scientific research showing that you can burn an extra 450% more calories by using a specific type of short, burst workout.

Let’s get right into this incredible interview.

1. What is the biggest mistake you’ve seen people make when they get started on a program for losing fat?

Great question.

It’s heartbreaking really, but every day I see so many busy men and women chained to the treadmill and elliptical cardio machines. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get them any results. And each week they come into the gym looking the same – or in many cases, worse.

It’s really sad because I know these folks have families, friends, and hobbies that they’d rather be spending their time with. But I know they are bothered about their stubborn belly fat, and so they continue to come back to what I call, “The Cardio Confessional” where they pray that results will come (although they never do).

Study after study proves that cardio just doesn’t work for weight loss. A moderate amount of this type of low-intensity exercise is fine for your health but it is absolutely worthless if you want to lose belly fat.

2. Really?  Cardio is that bad for you?  Why is that?

Yes, it’s the truth all right, the politically incorrect truth, too. I say that because many fitness companies survive only because they are able to sell the Cardio LIE to gym members or to folks buying an expensive treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine for home.

If everyone knew that, a LOT of gyms would go out of business, and equipment manufacturers too.

What most folks don’t know is that cardio machines dramatically over-estimate the number of calories burned in an exercise session. According to Shape magazine, the elliptical machine is the worst offender, over-estimating the number of calories burned per workout by a whopping 42%!

That’s borderline criminal. It’s like having the speedometer in your car tell you that you’re going 30 miles per hour when you’re actually going 60. It’s extremely dangerous.

That’s just one reason you’re not losing weight despite the hours that you exercise each week. Cardio also increases your appetite and doesn’t give you a post-workout afterburn (I’ll explain the importance of this amazing effect in a moment.)

It’s just not fair. And that’s why so many folks struggle. Not to mention the fact that doing the same long, slow exercise sessions every day can cause knee pain, back pain, loss of muscle, and accelerated aging.

Cardio has about 10 strikes against it. It should have been called out a long time ago!

3. What should people do instead of cardio, is there another type of workout that’s more effective?

That’s your best question yet, and brings us to the actual science of fat loss.

According to researchers from all over the globe, including America, Britain, China, Japan, Australia, and Canada, the best way to exercise for fat loss is to use short, burst workouts. These workouts cause the “afterburn” effect in your body, elevating your metabolism for almost two days after each short exercise session. It’s like doing three or four workouts at once, but in half the time of a single cardio session.

These unique short burst workouts do NOT require any fancy equipment. You can do them in just a small space in your living room, basement, garage, or even a mega-busy commercial gym.

In fact, I created a 16-week program (that also delivers an additional 8 weeks of beginner and intermediate workouts) to help busy men and women lose fat fast – while building muscle, too, if
that’s their goal.

I call this trademarked system, Turbulence Training.

And a new study recently proved that these short, under-30 minute workouts can help you boost your calorie burning by over 450% compared to a normal workout.

Italian researchers put subjects through a one hour traditional weight training workout or a 22-minute high-intensity interval resistance workout (like you would do in Turbulence Training).

The traditional workout increased 22-hour post-workout afterburn by only 98 calories. But the high-intensity interval resistance workout boosted afterburn by over 450 calories!

That’s the power of using short, burst workouts to burn fat, and why you don’t need to exercise as much when you are using the Turbulence Training System to transform your body.

(Reference: J Transl Med. 2012 Nov 24;10:237.)

4. How does Turbulence Training Work?

Now we’re really diving into the good stuff.

When you do Turbulence Training, you’ll exercise in a short, burst style with an increased intensity. You’ll do total body movements using your bodyweight or a set of dumbbells (these are cheap and easy to store at home).

You’ll also use my trademarked secrets to cut the workout time by increasing exercise density.

If you’ve done a typical workout advertised in a fitness magazine, you’ve probably taken long breaks between exercises, but you won’t with Turbulence Training. Instead, you’ll use my secret method of combining exercises so that you end up getting the power of 10 (yes, 10!) workouts in one.

It all adds up to quick results in minimum time and minimum space, without having to invest in an expensive gym membership or fancy, large machines that end up doubling as clothes racks in your home (because you can’t stand using them).

5. It really only takes 90 minutes per week to get amazing results? How is that possible?

This is a great question to let me sum everything up. You’ve learned a lot in this interview, discovering that cardio doesn’t work for fat loss, and that gym machines “lie” to you by over-estimating the number of calories you burn each session.

The end result with slow, boring cardio workouts done on a treadmill or elliptical machine is frustration, but not fat loss.

On the other hand, if you switch to short, burst workouts, that can be done at home or in a gym with minimal equipment – and much less time – you’ll triple or quadruple your fat burning results and you will benefit from the afterburn effect to boost your metabolism for up to 40 hours after your workouts.

And by taking the science one step further and using my trademarked, unique exercise system, you’ll be able to lose fat in just three fast, fun, and effective workouts of only 30 minutes per week.

That’s 30 minutes from start to finish, too. There’s no hidden extra warm-up or cool-down in there. You’ll finally be able to lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds or more of fat in just a few weeks with this approach.

I guarantee it and urge you to take advantage of my new follow-along workout video system on sale this week. You’ll get a done-for-you exercise plan that you can do at home to lose belly fat starting immediately. And you’ll save a lot of money with this special, limited-time offer.

Get your fat burning workout videos and program right now

And you’ll finally be able to get the results you want – and deserve.

How A Cheeseburger Is Better For Your Body Than This Exercise

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If you think the only way to lose fat is to slave away in front of your TV for 6 hours per week with P90X, then you are making a common mistake.

As regular guy Jay Casconi wrote in, “I am just over 30 and had plateaued. Big Time! I had followed P90X for a couple years and just couldn’t finish
losing my gut. I hate to say it but the workouts became boring and I was becoming complacent.”

But there’s actually one form of exercise that’s even worse than boring one hour DVD workouts. On the next page you’ll discover the TRUTH about this one
exercise that you must NEVER, ever do again.

Discover the #1 exercise to never do

In this shocking article from my friend and renegade fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, you’ll find out how you can use a simple, 30-minute solution to
lose belly fat in the comfort of your own home without expensive treadmills or elliptical machines.

This revolutionary new approach is better because it works faster, smarter, and eliminates all of the scary side effects of the one exercise you should never
do again.

By the way, when Jay stopped making these common exercise mistakes, he was able to get amazing results, all thanks to Craig Ballantyne’s new 30-minute fun,
fast, and effective workouts.

As Jay said, “With Craig’s new workouts I lost an inch and a half in my waist and added an inch to my chest.”

And one woman, Debra Icenogle, recently lost 27 pounds in just 12 weeks and won $1000 in Craig’s Transformation Contest by using these exact workouts.

Discover the #1 exercise to never do

Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll even learn how a good old cheeseburger is even better for your body than this type of exercise.

Get ready to save time and frustration with this simple solution to your stubborn belly fat problem.

Dedicated to your success,
– Nigel

6 Exercises Fused Together to Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, and Stave Off Boredom

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If you get bored following traditional workouts, but hate to sacrifice results just for the sake of variety, then this is one workout you will want to follow. In this workout you will use kettlebells, bodyweight, and barbells fused together into supersets and circuits to deliver a super fast and ultra effective workout.

The first exercise is a forward lunge, but instead of alternating sides, you will do all reps for one side and then switch to the other side. Do 8 reps per side. Then take a minute rest and repeat this exercise 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

Next up you’ll mix in a superset pairing of barbell squats and back extensions.

Your legs will inevitably be a little tired from the lunges, so you won’t be able to use your maximum weight for the barbell squats.

So, with the bar positioned at chest height, step underneath of it, taking a relatively close grip (unless you have shoulder mobility problems). Then, take the bar off the rack and step back with a medium stance with feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your chest up, head forward and drop your hips down and back, then drive back up.

For the back extensions, start by lying down on the ball, with your feet shoulder-width apart and firmly planted on the floor for good support. Position your hands behind your head and keep your chest up as you raise your body up. You can also use a back extension chair if you have access to one.

Rest for 1 minute and repeat that set 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.

Next, for the interval portion of the workout you will do a kettlebell circuit, following 3 exercises for a total of 500 total repetitions.

First, start with kettlebell swings for 200 reps with as few sets and as few rests as possible. If you are a woman, using a KB that is less than 18 pounds is a good place to start. If you are a man, and haven’t been training, you can start out with the 18 pound KB. If you are more advanced, however, you can use a heavier weight, but be conservative with it if you are starting out.

Start with the kettlebell down in front at arms length. Next, push your hips back and drive the kettlebell up to shoulder height using the power of your hips. Your arms should not be doing any of the work and are simply along for the ride. Mental fatigue and your grip may slow you down, but make sure you finish the 200 swings.

From there you will move into a superset of bodyweight squats for 200 and stability ball jackknives for 100 reps.

For Bodyweight Squats, place your feet just wider than hip-width apart, arms straight out in front of you. Push your hips back as you squat down. Do 200 reps in total, breaking them up as needed. You can also break these exercises up into a superset by combining this exercise with the Stability Ball Jackknives and doing as many reps as you can.

For the Stability Ball Jackknives, put your hands on the floor with your feet balanced straight out on the ball. Pull your knees into your chest and back out. You will do a total of 100 reps.

Get FREE instant access to more sample fat burning workouts at:

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines and will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment.

Discover how to gain muscle and lose fat in less workout time than ever before.

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How to Have a More Productive Day

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I get a lot of emails asking how I find the time to write an article every day.

2 reasons:

1) I type fast


2) I make my day as productive as possible.

Here’s how to make your day more productive.

Step 1 – Get up earlier.

And yes, that requires going to sleep earlier. But I’m not talking an hour or two…but only 10 or 20 minutes earlier per day.

The extra 20 minutes are magic time…the time in morning when I, as many people do, get more done than they do in several hour blocks at other points later in the day. So get up sleepyhead, and use the solitude to take care of business.

(And when you get into work, do the same. Get in early, get straight to work, and you’ll find yourself ahead of the crowd in no time.)

Step 2 – Water x 2

Water plays an important role in getting my morning off to a fast start. First, I drink 2 cups of cold water to wash down 3 fish oil capsules. Then I start on breakfast (oatmeal, protein, berries, yogurt, and nuts) while sitting down to answer the emails you’ve sent me overnight.

Getting up 10 minutes earlier to answer these emails has made a huge difference in my productivity. No question. Consider doing the same for yourself.

The second role of water is the shower. People are more creative around running water. And I’m not the first to say this…Matt Furey has brought this up as well, saying that he gets a lot of his ideas when surrounded by water…there must be something about being in water that stimulates the mind.

So powerful are the effects of water on my creativity that I literally have to write the ideas down as soon as I get out of the shower. Once that water stops running, the ideas start to vanish…

Now the only thing that compares in terms of idea stimulation, for me, is exercise. So when you workout, take a note pad – not only to record your workout but to brainstorm and problem solve.

Step 3 – Nutrition

I’ve started the day with the healthiest supplement possible – fish oil, and I eat protein, fiber, berries, and nuts to start my day – giving me the fiber to control my appetite and blood sugar till the next meal.

Step 4 – Green Tea

Do not pass go. Do not stop at Starbucks. Do not collect your regular caffeine-loaded beverage. Instead, brew your own organic Green Tea to provide you with a lower dose of caffeine (or none at all if you get naturally de-caffeinated Green Tea). Army researchers have found that smaller amounts of caffeine delivered at more frequent intervals lead to better performance. Don’t overdose on caffeine every morning.

And if you get a headache without your morning cup of coffee, congratulations! You’re addicted to the world’s most common drug. And you might want to do something about that…

Step 5 – A Steady Supply of Protein, Healthy Fats, and Fiber
Self-explanatory by now, I should hope! Snack on almonds, lean protein sources, fibrous vegetables, an apple, etc. over the morning to keep mentally sharp.

Step 6 – Bodyweight Energizer Bunny

Remember the secret to instant energy when you hit the a mid-morning motivational slump…

10 reps of the Y-Squat – This is a bodyweight squat with your hands held up in a “Y” position.

Step 7 – Don’t let lunch rob you of your mental energy
Unless you want to go straight from lunch into an hour-long productivity-destroying nap, then lay off the breaded veal sandwiches at lunch.

Stick to the program: lean protein, fibrous green vegetables, Green Tea, healthy fats, etc. Avoid these mental buzz killers: soda, pizza, a lot of bread, french fries, desserts, and so on.

If you want to run an elite mental engine, you have to burn high-performance fuel.

Step 8 – Lose Fat & You Will Make More Money
Now that’s an unconventional way to increase productivity.

But welcome to the harsh reality of size-ism.

Research shows that overweight men and women make less money than their normal weight colleagues. While the world is not fair, you can even the playing field by eating and exercising properly.

The healthy lifestyle and workouts will help lose fat, while increasing your creativity and productivity. I smell promotion.

So let’s leave it there for today…because if you aren’t having a massively productive morning by now, then I’m not convinced you even get up before noon.

Now go be productive!

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Mens Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

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3 Workout Mistakes in Fat Loss Programs

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Are you making these common mistakes that often RUIN people’s well-meaning, yet fatally flawed workouts?

Mistake #1 – Using a Traditional, Ineffective Warm-up

Unless you struggle with nagging injuries – and I realize many folks do – you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time by spending 5-10 minutes on a cardio warm-up. It does nothing for you.

Eliminate it and use a bodyweight circuit warm-up instead, such as bodyweight squats, stick-ups, mountain climbers, prisoner lunges, and pushups.

Mistake #2 – Using Traditional Straight Sets for Resistance Training

If you get your program out of old-school magazines, it probably recommends “straight sets” – meaning you do a set, then rest a long time, then repeat the set, etc.

But eye-opening new research shows that non-competing superset training – there you use “opposing muscle groups” in alternating exercises – BOOSTS your metabolism more than traditional straight sets. (Reference: J Str Cond Res 24:4 2010)

And again, the short burst fat loss workouts you’ll find online fix this mistake – by using non-competing supersets and tri-Sets (three exercises) to boost metabolism.

Mistake #3 – Using Traditional Slow Cardio

I won’t bore you with the research I’ve discussed time after time showing you that cardio is inefficient and ineffective for fat loss.

Needless to say, you’ve probably learned the hard way that cardio doesn’t work. After all, you probably found the short, burst workout system when you were looking for something that worked better than cardio.

And that “something that works better” is interval training, as well as metabolic resistance training. And you’ll find an approved metabolic resistance training circuit that will knock your fat loss results out of the park when you do something like dumbbell squats paired with dumbbell chest presses, followed by dumbbell rows paired with hamstring curls.

Now go out there and burn it up with better workout strategies.

Get FREE instant access to more sample fat burning workouts at:

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines and will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment.

Discover more fat loss workouts to help you burn fat, do more pushups, and build ripped six pack abs in less workout time than ever before.

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How an Overweight Man Changed His Life with the Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workouts

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

How a 50-Year Old, Former 2-Sport College Athlete got in the Best Shape of His Life

Todd Thompson emailed me 4 years ago with the goal of getting back into shape by losing a lot of body fat with fat loss workouts. Since then, Todd’s been a great client, using the right workouts (Strength training plus interval training) with great success. Todd made such a triumphant return to healthy living with fat loss workouts that he even developed a website dedicated to men’s health.

In this interview Todd shares his tips and tricks to getting the most out of your fat loss efforts and lifestyle changes. These will come in handy on those days that you don’t have the motivation or direction to train. Todd’s the true definition of a “Turbulence Training Fat Loss Success Story” and I’m proud to have worked with him.

CB: What impact does Turbulence Training have on your energy levels?

Todd Thompson:
I find I have a lot more energy when I’m in full training mode, and I use heavy weights and supersets almost exclusively in my weight training. My energy levels seem to be directly associated with how much excess fat weight I carry around, and this keeps it off better than anything I’ve tried.

Of course, I follow proper eating guidelines as well, and this goes a long way toward keeping me filled with the right foods. It’s basically hard work plus clean eating. It’s the efficiency of strength and interval workouts that makes it more appealing to me than any other routine I’ve followed for any length of time.

CB: What time of day do you train and how do you structure your meals around this training time?

Craig, as you may recall, when I started getting into shape last year, after a 25 year layoff, I made the commitment to work out the first thing every morning so that nothing would get in the way of my training.

After reaching my weight loss goals last year, and working it into my schedule differently, I moved my workout time to early evenings, right after I get home from work. I eat my regular noon meal, something like cottage cheese or tuna with some good carbs, and then I have an afternoon snack of high protein content.

Then, when I get home from work, the first thing I do is drink a half serving of a protein shake, or eat some cottage cheese. This gives me about a 30 minute time period before I get my clothes changed and head off to the gym, which is perfect for digesting it.

I hit the weights hard, which takes about 40 minutes, and then I get on the elliptical or bike for my HIIT (interval training). As soon as I get off the machine, I drink a protein shake. I’m usually finished with the whole thing around 6:30 p.m. At that time, my wife and I usually have dinner. On workout days especially, I make sure my evening meal has some excellent protein choices, low fat, and good carbohydrates.

CB: What nutrition tips work best for you?

I’m no expert on nutrition, but my experience this past year is that I need a little more carbohydrates than what a lot of the newer nutrition programs are recommended.

When I drop carbohydrates to a minimal level, it does seem to have an effect on my energy levels. I think of carbohydrates as an energy provider, and on workout days, I make sure I get enough carbohydrates to get my energy level where it needs to be for my workout.

CB: So overall, what is your impression of strength training and interval training?

It keeps it from getting boring, and I have a bit of a creative streak in me. This seems to keep things interesting. No matter what workout I’m doing, the strength and interval program is the design I use.

There are three basic things I do, no matter whether or not the exact exercises are called for:

1. Do 18-22 sets, emphasizing full body. Sometimes, I may emphasize certain muscle groups for an entire workout, but that’s rare. I usually make sure there is some impact on every muscle group at each workout.

2. Do “superset” style without a rest period between sets within each superset. Each superset is designed as a push-pull superset, or sometimes just the use of opposing muscle groups. I like push-pull supersets best.

(CB note: Here’s a tough push-pull superset that you can do in a crowded gym or at home – DB Presses & DB Rows)

3. Every workout ends in an hour or less and is capped off with a very intense HIIT session. I don’t let myself feel guilty if I only have time to do a 12 to 15 minute HIIT. The intensity is so great that I don’t have to worry about whether I’m working hard enough or not.

CB: Do you have a favorite part of the workout?

It’s basically a flurry of non-stop activity, so I don’t really think about favorite parts. However, I think I enjoy the various forms of rows that I employ. Your program calls for Seated Cable Rows and DB Rows, and I have gotten so much stronger in these that I probably have to say I enjoy these most of all.

Truly, though, getting finished each day is what I like best. I always do a full body assessment of how I feel after each workout.

Seldom do I walk away from a workout thinking I could have worked a little harder on any one muscle group. When it’s done, I’m spent. Maybe, it’s just because I turn 50 years old this year, but I’ve talked to a lot of younger guys who are doing strength and intervals as well, and they say the same thing.

CB: How do these workouts compare to others that you have done in the past?

The intensity is awesome. From the time I drink my pre-workout shake until I finish HIIT an hour or so later, it’s like I’m heading down the field on a long run, and I’m not going to let anyone keep me from scoring. I don’t stop for anything. If an area is being used, I just go to the next superset and pick the other one later in the workout.

I think the benefit is that it is very time-efficient and manageable, and it’s really hard to get bored with it.

CB: What are the health benefits you have achieved in your return to training?

In short, I have better health, stronger muscle (and more of it), great cardio endurance for my every day life, and I’m looking good.

Altogether, these benefits have helped me enjoy my life a lot more, and that’s the ultimate benefit as far as I’m concerned.

My life is much better disciplined now, and even when I cheat on my eating, I don’t worry about it any more. I know the commitment is strong, and I’ll get back. This has caused me to enjoy life to the fullest. Recently, I got into an elite musical performing group, and I find that I have much better stamina than before, and a whole lot more motivation to succeed and to live a better life.

Recently, you were made aware that I had given my body a break for a month or so. That went on a lot longer than I intended, and consequently, I put on about 10 pounds. I must say, however, that I knew all I had to do was start back on my workouts, and it would all come back to me.

CB: Thanks Todd, and keep up the great work with your fat loss workouts.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Get your very own copy of Turbulence Training & the Nutrition Guide here:

A Letter from Your Belly Fat

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Dear Friend,

This is a letter from your ol’ pal, belly fat. We had a great run this summer, didn’t we? Lots of good times, great food, and plain ol’ sitting around eating too much.

Well, I’m thinking about sticking around another year if you don’t mind. But you might need to get a bigger pair of pants, as I was thinking about expanding my place down here.

So do me a favor, avoid that interval training you were thinking of doing. The last time you did that stuff, I nearly had to look for a new place to live. I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the land of Oz. Did you hear me yelling, “Help me, I’m melting!”?

Instead, stick to that slow cardio stuff. Sure I get a little sweaty, and the ol’ brain up there thinks it’s doing “a real fat burning workout”, but it’s never enough to melt me outta here.

Another thing, keep listening to those experts who say strength training doesn’t burn body fat. Since research shows they’re wrong, if you added strength training to your program, you’d practically need to throw me a going away party!

After each one of those superset workouts you tried last January it felt like someone lit a match under our collective butt. I was burning up down here!

But boy oh boy, I sure was glad you gave that up and went back to just lifting utensils and not dumbells. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate another summer together this year.

Sometimes I wonder, what did you ever do in college without me, your trusted belly fat? Back then, you were probably one of those people that couldn’t wait to get to the beach to show off your body, not like these days.

Nope, stay in the shade and keep the cover-up clothes on, that’s the way to go now. Besides, its a lot closer to the cold beer and the BBQ when you’re sitting in the shade avoiding all the fun down on the beach.

Well, it sure was good catching up with you. I’m sure we’ll be in touch more often, as long as you stay away from that Turbulence Training workout routine.

Brings a tear to my eye whenever I even think about that workout program and all the belly fat it’s burned. Heck, it’s fried more belly fat than a frying pan!

So again, if you want to keep your dear old belly around for another year and another summer, don’t use Turbulence Training – otherwise, its all over pal, and you’ll never see me again.

Belly Fat says, “Don’t use this”

Your friend and spare tire,

Belly Fat

PS – Seriously, don’t go near that Turbulence Training program unless you want to see me, Thunder Thighs, Manboobs, Jigg Lee Arm Fat, and Luv Handles pack our bags and hit the highway.

It will be a sad farewell, and you’d be stuck with ripped abs, gorgeous glutes, and toned arms, and you know how much attention those guys get from the opposite sex. Who needs it, I say.

Bodyweight Cardio for Fat Burning

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Have you ever tried to lose weight permanently before, and failed?

You would love to go to your local gym but can’t afford
the expensive gym membership or you’re just uncomfortable
exercising in front of other people?

Ever thought about using your own body to get the
real body you want?  It is possible…

A bodyweight cardio fat burning workout is ideal for you.
You don’t need any equipment and you can still workout
if you’re working away or on holiday.

Craig Ballantyne developed a revolutionary new fat loss system
called Turbulence Training”, specifically designed to
help busy men and women such as students, executives and
parents with young children to get the most results in the least
amount of time.

Craig is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS),
and author of many articles in magazines such as Men’s Health,
Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. 

Now over to an article from bodyweight exercise expert,
Craig Ballantyne.

You’re surrounded by nothing. Stuck in a house or hotel, miles from
the  furthest gym. 

Perhaps visiting the in-laws, or a seminar in Independence, Ohio
(trust me, I’ve been there), but you still want to do a fat burning

You can’t even go for a walk because its a) raining, b) snowing, c)
there are no sidewalks (hello Independence, Ohio). 

So what can you do?

A bodyweight cardio fat burning workout to the rescue. Some other
trainers might call it metabolic conditioning, and sure, you can do
similar workouts with kettlebells or even dumbbells, but those
implements can’t help you now because you are stuck in the middle
of nowhere with now way out. 

The only “equipment” you have is your own body, but all they taught
you in gym class was how to do crunches, pushups, and flexed arm
hangs. And you aren’t doing that from the doorframe here in the

Fortunately, I’ve spent my entire adult life researching wild
workouts, exotic exercises, and bodyweight movements. My bodyweight
exercise obsession all started back in college, when I came home
for a Christmas break in my freshman year, and had no ride to the
gym, or even the money to afford a day pass. 

So instead, I went through all of my old issues of Men’s Health
magazine and put together a list of every body weight exercise I
could find. Eventually, I stumbled across a workout that wasn’t
full of crunches, situps, and plain old pushups. I somehow managed,
at the age of 19, to figure out a bodyweight circuit that was
tough, worked the entire body, and didn’t require equipment. 

Fast forward fifteen years later, and I’m still on the hunt for
more bodyweight workouts. You’ve probably used one of my bodyweight
challenges from Men’s Health magazine, or found one of my workout
videos on youtube. 

This fat burning workout video below is probably my most famous,
the no-equipment 5 rounds of 5 minutes bodyweight workout program.

You don’t need anything – other than your own bodyweight – to get
an amazing full body workout, anytime, anywhere. 

You don’t need to be outside to do this bodyweight cardio fat
burning workout, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be out in the
sunshine, getting a glorious sweat on with this intense bodyweight

A minute of bodyweight exercises doesn’t sound like much, but
seriously, when you get down to the brass tacks, it sure is a heck
of a challenge. I’d love to know what you think of this workout and
other ones like it. I have dozens of interval-type workouts that
don’t require you to sit on a stationary bike or use a treadmill.

And you absolutely have no need to ever suffer the ‘dishonor’ of
slow boring cardio ever again. 

Thanks to bodyweight exercises (plus kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX
exercises, etc.), there are far too many fun workouts out there
that can help you burn fat without the need for expensive,
overcrowded gym memberships.

That said, you can also do a tremendous workout in a hotel room
(even in Independence, Ohio), in your in-laws living room, your
backyard, the park, or even your office (but you’ll want to shut
the door, of course). 

Bodyweight cardio fat burning workouts to the rescue.

For over 101 bodyweight exercises plus more bodyweight cardio and a
6-month bodyweight workout plan, get the Ultimate Bodyweight
Exercise deal here.

You’ll be able to burn fat with bodyweight exercises anywhere,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Turbulence Training is scientifically proven, endorsed by elite trainers
and top fitness magazines, and has been used by thousands of men
and women for burning fat as well as increasing muscle and improving
 your health and energy levels at the same time.  Real People, Real Results!

How a Cardio Fanatic Finally Got Her 6-Pack Abs

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By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Everyone thinks you have to do tons of cardio workouts to get abs. But that’s not true. In fact, if you stop cardio and change your workouts, you’ll get your 6-pack abs faster!

Let’s find out how one female cardio fanatic finally got her 6-pack abs with the help of the Turbulence Training workouts!

CB: CJ, let’s start with a little background info on yourself and what you were looking to achieve when you found strength training and interval training.

Let’s see, I’m a female in my mid 30’s and a typical office professional who spends looong hours sitting in front of a computer.

Fitness and nutrition-wise, I grew up understanding the importance of being active and staying healthy. So while I’ve stayed active most of my life, I recently discovered I still had a lot to learn both about fitness and nutrition.

When I found Turbulence Training I was looking for body comp improvements. I had been introduced to weight training about a year earlier and had made great progress, but had gotten past that ‘newbie’ effect and really needed something different to jump start my progress again.

CB: How were you doing before?

During grad school and working full-time I put aside the active part of my lifestyle for the days and evenings tied to a chair, and the delights of eating at restaurants for 1-2 meals a day. I gained about 20lbs and was at my heaviest ever at 160lbs. Once I completed night school, I put exercise and nutrition back on my priority list and lost those 20lbs, mainly from running 5days/wk.

My second stage started when I discovered weight training. I was about 142lbs and probably 28% BF. After about 6months I lost another 8-10lbs and 7% body fat.

So, when I started Turbulence Training, I had already made good progress, I was probably 133lbs and 21-22% BF.

CB: What were your workouts before TT? Why did they not work as well? How have you improved upon those workouts?

Before this I was a steady state cardio fanatic, so I ran 3-5 miles 3x week and strength trained using a 4 day upper/lower body split. This plan did work for about 6-9 months, but then I just stalled. Not sure what the culprit was, just that I knew I needed something different.

When I first started strength and interval workouts I was skeptical that such a short workout only 3x/wk would be enough. I soon discovered that strength and intervals kept the intensity levels up at EACH workout, so the three days and two supersets were actually more efficient than my 4day split and 3 days of running. I also got on an HIIT (interval) program and reduced my slower steady state runs to about once a week.

CB: How have the strength and intervals workouts helped you? What benefits & results have you achieved? What are your gains and improvements and how do they compare to your before stats?

I’m stronger, leaner, and faster than before.

On the strength side, my proudest achievements are chin-ups and pull-ups, something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. I’ve also improved my 5k times by 2mins. I finally have the muscle definition/athletic shape I’ve always wanted.

When comparing to my before stats, I’ve had to throw the scales out the door and use the mirror/compliments as my guide since I have gained a few lbs and BIA hasn’t seemed to move, but my clothes have gotten looser and smaller and I’m also making strength and speed gains.

CB: How do you feel in terms of strength and energy?

I think my strength gains surprise me most, since I typically have high energy/endurance. I particularly enjoy how my strength gains have transferred to running and bike riding.

What I can lift in the gym just sort of evolves, but when I can climb hills on my bike that I used to walk up, and finish 5ks in times that were once out of my reach, it feels pretty good. J

CB: What features do you like about strength and intervals?

It’s fun, efficient, and intense. And it works!! When I’m in the gym, I know that I’m making the best use of my time.

CB: Did you change your eating with the guidelines?

Not much. I was on a pretty solid eating plan when I started strength and intervals, but am consistently learning about making the right food choices and looking to tweak things here and there. Incorporating a post-workout recovery drink and getting as much variety as possible have been the biggest change in my eating habits since I started.

CB: What would you say to people that ask you about your workouts? Do you get a lot of comments from others?

When people ask me about my workouts, I try to hold back some enthusiasm so I don’t come across as a crazy fanatic and overwhelm them.

I’ve had quite a few comments from other people in the gym, either noticing how hard and smart I’m working, or complimenting my progress. One lady even pointed me out and said “I want thighs like that!”

It’s always fun to see friends and family or even co-workers that I haven’t seen in a while because they remind me of the progress I’ve made.

The best compliment I get now is a form of imitation. People want to know exactly what I do and ask me for tips. They see it works, and want to know how I’ve done it, and try to apply it for themselves.

CB: Thanks CJ! Keep up the great work with your time-efficient Turbulence Training fat loss workouts.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training 

Metabolic Resistance Training for Fat Loss

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There’s a new secret that everyone is talking about, a new and exciting way of training for fat loss.  It’s called Metabolic Resistance Training.

My buddy Craig Ballantyne is lifting the lid on this and I have persuaded him to share the secrets of this new and exciting workout with YOU!

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped many thousands of men and women worldwide to lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week.

Now over to fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, to explain why
metabolic resistance training is so important for fat loss.

“What is Metabolic Resistance Training”
By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT

 What the heck are these metabolic resistance training workouts that
everyone keeps talking about for fat loss? Well, you’ve probably
heard the term because the internet is buzzing about this type of
training for fat burning. 

This program is DIFFERENT…

After all, gone are the days of slow cardio for weight loss. Heck,
even interval training is starting to get passed over. All in favor
of this specific type of workout called metabolic resistance

It’s really exciting though, to know that we can build muscle and
lose fat at the same time, while getting lean and even having
ripped six-pack abs thanks to these short, burst workouts. And you
don’t need fancy, expensive equipment. Instead, you can focus on
using bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebell exercises, or
even TRX exercises. 

Let me explain in this short, fun video with a few examples:

Anytime you use supersets or circuits and train with an elevated
heart rate and insufficient recovery. You are doing metabolic
resistance training. But the metabolic resistance training used by
Turbulence Training readers is different. I’ve modified the heavy
metabolic resistance training and also incorporated metabolic
resistance conditioning using lighter resistance, and less rest. 

In this new Turbulence Training metabolic resistance training
workout program, you’ll get 4 workouts, broken down into these two
components. Two workouts of heavy metabolic resistance training and
two workouts of metabolic conditioning. The heavy workouts are done
first, and are followed immediately the next day by the
conditioning workouts. 

I’ll be writing a lot more about metabolic resistance and
conditioning workouts in the future to help you lose fat and gain
muscle at the same time. That’s the beauty of the system; not only
do the fast-paced, short burst workouts help you burn a ton of
calories, but if your goal is muscle building, you can do that too. 

Until then, get ready to use a few new exercises and a few training
methods we haven’t used before to elevate ” in-workout and
after-workout” calorie burning. 

It’s all about working your metabolic systems for maximum calorie
burning, while only permitting yourself to have incomplete
recovery. These are the intense workouts you’ve been looking for.

No more slow, boring, monotonous cardio workouts that take forever.
Those days are over. 

So be prepared to hear a lot more about MRT and metabolic lifting
and conditioning workouts. And again, you aren’t limited to
machines or weights. You can do these workouts with almost any
equipment, and even with bodyweight exercises only, as my
bodyweight cardio circuits have proven. 

You’ll have a total blast even doing these types of programs at the
park with your TRX and kettlebells and bodyweight. You’ll be so
much better off than being stuck in stuffy gym with machines. And
make sure to watch my video to find out why MRT might even be
better than traditional interval training. 

Times are a-changing. The entire fitness industry is going through
a revolution where we move away from bodybuilder and cardio bunny
workouts. And that’s a good thing. Doing less cardio and
eliminating little isolation exercises, such as crunches, from your
routines will help you get results fast. 

Get started with the Turbulence Training Metabolic Resistance
Training workouts here. 

You now have a fun, four-day program that will get you ripped and
give you the body that you deserve. 

Train hard but safe with new MRT workouts.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

The buzz about this system is incredible, and it should be…It seriously ROCKS!

I have known Craig for a while and I know you will get the results
you have been so desperately looking for just by using this system.