Fitness Expert Reveals New Workout that Boosts Metabolism for Up to 40 Hours

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Today, I’ve got something very special for you…

An exclusive interview with my friend and world-famous fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne.

In this shocking new interview, Craig reveals the truth about cardio.

Plus, he delivers the latest scientific research showing that you can burn an extra 450% more calories by using a specific type of short, burst workout.

Let’s get right into this incredible interview.

1. What is the biggest mistake you’ve seen people make when they get started on a program for losing fat?

Great question.

It’s heartbreaking really, but every day I see so many busy men and women chained to the treadmill and elliptical cardio machines. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get them any results. And each week they come into the gym looking the same – or in many cases, worse.

It’s really sad because I know these folks have families, friends, and hobbies that they’d rather be spending their time with. But I know they are bothered about their stubborn belly fat, and so they continue to come back to what I call, “The Cardio Confessional” where they pray that results will come (although they never do).

Study after study proves that cardio just doesn’t work for weight loss. A moderate amount of this type of low-intensity exercise is fine for your health but it is absolutely worthless if you want to lose belly fat.

2. Really?  Cardio is that bad for you?  Why is that?

Yes, it’s the truth all right, the politically incorrect truth, too. I say that because many fitness companies survive only because they are able to sell the Cardio LIE to gym members or to folks buying an expensive treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine for home.

If everyone knew that, a LOT of gyms would go out of business, and equipment manufacturers too.

What most folks don’t know is that cardio machines dramatically over-estimate the number of calories burned in an exercise session. According to Shape magazine, the elliptical machine is the worst offender, over-estimating the number of calories burned per workout by a whopping 42%!

That’s borderline criminal. It’s like having the speedometer in your car tell you that you’re going 30 miles per hour when you’re actually going 60. It’s extremely dangerous.

That’s just one reason you’re not losing weight despite the hours that you exercise each week. Cardio also increases your appetite and doesn’t give you a post-workout afterburn (I’ll explain the importance of this amazing effect in a moment.)

It’s just not fair. And that’s why so many folks struggle. Not to mention the fact that doing the same long, slow exercise sessions every day can cause knee pain, back pain, loss of muscle, and accelerated aging.

Cardio has about 10 strikes against it. It should have been called out a long time ago!

3. What should people do instead of cardio, is there another type of workout that’s more effective?

That’s your best question yet, and brings us to the actual science of fat loss.

According to researchers from all over the globe, including America, Britain, China, Japan, Australia, and Canada, the best way to exercise for fat loss is to use short, burst workouts. These workouts cause the “afterburn” effect in your body, elevating your metabolism for almost two days after each short exercise session. It’s like doing three or four workouts at once, but in half the time of a single cardio session.

These unique short burst workouts do NOT require any fancy equipment. You can do them in just a small space in your living room, basement, garage, or even a mega-busy commercial gym.

In fact, I created a 16-week program (that also delivers an additional 8 weeks of beginner and intermediate workouts) to help busy men and women lose fat fast – while building muscle, too, if
that’s their goal.

I call this trademarked system, Turbulence Training.

And a new study recently proved that these short, under-30 minute workouts can help you boost your calorie burning by over 450% compared to a normal workout.

Italian researchers put subjects through a one hour traditional weight training workout or a 22-minute high-intensity interval resistance workout (like you would do in Turbulence Training).

The traditional workout increased 22-hour post-workout afterburn by only 98 calories. But the high-intensity interval resistance workout boosted afterburn by over 450 calories!

That’s the power of using short, burst workouts to burn fat, and why you don’t need to exercise as much when you are using the Turbulence Training System to transform your body.

(Reference: J Transl Med. 2012 Nov 24;10:237.)

4. How does Turbulence Training Work?

Now we’re really diving into the good stuff.

When you do Turbulence Training, you’ll exercise in a short, burst style with an increased intensity. You’ll do total body movements using your bodyweight or a set of dumbbells (these are cheap and easy to store at home).

You’ll also use my trademarked secrets to cut the workout time by increasing exercise density.

If you’ve done a typical workout advertised in a fitness magazine, you’ve probably taken long breaks between exercises, but you won’t with Turbulence Training. Instead, you’ll use my secret method of combining exercises so that you end up getting the power of 10 (yes, 10!) workouts in one.

It all adds up to quick results in minimum time and minimum space, without having to invest in an expensive gym membership or fancy, large machines that end up doubling as clothes racks in your home (because you can’t stand using them).

5. It really only takes 90 minutes per week to get amazing results? How is that possible?

This is a great question to let me sum everything up. You’ve learned a lot in this interview, discovering that cardio doesn’t work for fat loss, and that gym machines “lie” to you by over-estimating the number of calories you burn each session.

The end result with slow, boring cardio workouts done on a treadmill or elliptical machine is frustration, but not fat loss.

On the other hand, if you switch to short, burst workouts, that can be done at home or in a gym with minimal equipment – and much less time – you’ll triple or quadruple your fat burning results and you will benefit from the afterburn effect to boost your metabolism for up to 40 hours after your workouts.

And by taking the science one step further and using my trademarked, unique exercise system, you’ll be able to lose fat in just three fast, fun, and effective workouts of only 30 minutes per week.

That’s 30 minutes from start to finish, too. There’s no hidden extra warm-up or cool-down in there. You’ll finally be able to lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds or more of fat in just a few weeks with this approach.

I guarantee it and urge you to take advantage of my new follow-along workout video system on sale this week. You’ll get a done-for-you exercise plan that you can do at home to lose belly fat starting immediately. And you’ll save a lot of money with this special, limited-time offer.

Get your fat burning workout videos and program right now

And you’ll finally be able to get the results you want – and deserve.

12 Ways to Utilize Natural Foods This Summer

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12 Ways to Utilize Natural Foods This Summer

Eating natural foods is an excellent method to help your family enjoy a diet that is not only balanced, but also rich in essential nutrients. However, eating a diet such as this offers a few hidden benefits you might want to consider during the meal planning process as well.

Cool off

Eating cooling foods such as cucumber, melons, and citrus fruits actually helps keep you feeling cool and refreshed long after the snack. Drinking green tea and coconut water can have the same, long-lasting and refreshing effects – no matter how hot it gets outside.

Fight sunburns

Natural foods, such as grapefruit and tomatoes, contain a lot of lycopene. In addition to being a force for good when it comes to fighting cancer, lycopene is also widely credited with helping to protect the skin from damage from the sun’s UV rays. It never hurts to have one more layer of defense against the sun – especially when it tastes this good!

Improve health

The more colorful the combination of fruits and vegetables you consume on a regular basis, the more health promoting goodness your body is rewarded with.

Boost immunity

Garlic, citrus fruits, and Greek yogurt are excellent resources for boosting immunity. Drinking black tea in large quantities, five cups or more per day, according to research at Harvard University, also boosts immunity due to the L-theanine that is found in black tea.

Stabilize blood sugar

According to Men’s Health cinnamon is an excellent choice for stabilizing blood sugar in addition to other natural foods such as spinach, kale, almonds, cold-water fish, and high-fiber grains.

Manage inflammation

Natural foods such as kelp, turmeric, and green tea all serve to help manage inflammation.

Bolster metabolism

What do cayenne peppers, garlic, coconut oil, and cinnamon have in common? It’s not the recipe for granny’s famous breakfast muffins, that’s for sure. These natural foods are excellent choices for bolstering your metabolism and turning your body into the calorie burning, energy-producing machine it’s supposed to be.

Launch libido

Watermelon, avocados, dark chocolate, and asparagus  all contribute to higher states of heat in their own way. There has been wide speculation about chocolate and women’s libido, but the Journal of Sexual Medicine recently confirmed that women who had a piece of chocolate daily enjoyed a more active sex life. Asparagus, with its high levels of vitamin B is a real libido booster for men and women while avocados are known more for their impact as a natural food libido enhancement for men.

Manage allergies

Local, raw honey is a beautiful tool for helping block many of the more painful symptoms of allergies. In fact, it’s like building up your own natural immunity to allergies without chemical laden injections.

Suppress appetite

No matter how fit and fabulous you may be now, most people today are still watching calories, and trying to eat a better combination of foods. You probably want to avoid overeating and may even be looking for ways to curb cravings for comfort-food favorites you know aren’t good for your body. Eating foods like almonds, apples, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, wasabi, and steel cut oatmeal can help suppress your appetite.

Improve energy

High-energy natural foods might surprise you. A few of the favorites you’ll want to consider include eggs, edamame, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa. These foods offer high amounts of energy building protein and are excellent choices for early meals and midafternoon pick-me-ups.

Relieve anxiety

Whole grains, seaweed, almonds, and blueberries are all excellent food choices for relieving anxiety and balancing mood. While diet alone is rarely adequate to eliminate anxiety on its own, eating the rights foods in combination with other treatment options such as deep breathing exercises and, perhaps herbal supplements, is highly effective.

The shocking news, if you look closely at the list, is that many of these natural foods help the body out in more than one way. It’s exciting to see what a difference a few changes in diet can make for your overall health and wellness.


About the Author:

Brian Forester is a health and wellness writer in the Chicago area. It is his goal to help people learn more about healthy natural foods and incorporate them into their diets. Companies like NOW Foods offer healthy options to improve wellness for everyone.

27 Foods That Fight Fat

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Are you always struggling to lose fat and never know what foods to eat?

Fuel your gym session and fire your metabolism with the right food.  These 27 foods fight fat and should be on your shopping list.

1. Oats

Soluble fibre makes this the perfect slow-digesting, full-for-longer breakfast on gym days.

2. Mackerel

It’s very high in taurine, which research has shown helps inhibit fat growth.

3. Cinnamon

Research has shown that the spice lowers your blood-sugar levels.

4. Pork Fillet

It’s as lean as chicken but with more flavour, helping you stick to your goals.

5. Basmati Rice

It’s not all about brown.  Of all the rice varieties, basmati has the highest levels of amylose, fat-fighting starch

6. Green Apples

The soluble and insoluble fibre slows the movement of food through the gut, so you’re full for longer.

7. Skirt Beef

Quality protein slows digestion, preventing fast blood-sugar rises that can cause fat gain.

8. Lentils

These fibre-rich pulses are digested slowly, reducing your appetite.

9. Beef Jerky

It’s high in protein, plus research shows that chewing often helps you lose weight faster.

10. Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms in particular are full of B3 (niacin), an essential factor in the breakdown of fats for energy use.

11. Espresso

While its caffeine can raise your metabolism, recent research shows its most potent effect is to increase performance in training.

12. Tinned Tuna

One of the leanest fish in the ocean, opt for tuna in spring water, not brine.

13. Quinoa

A good source of fibre and complete protein, this grain-like seed is also high in manganese, which is vital for blood-sugar control.

14. Sweet Potatoes

It has a lower GI than the white option, to keep hunger at bay, and is packed with health-boosting carotenoids.

15. Rocket Leaves

Load up your plate to increase fullness for minimum calories.

16. Veal Steak

Veal is one of the best sources of leucine, to protect lean muscle when calorie-cutting.

17. White Vinegar

Research found that vinegar inhibits the breakdown of starch, to slow blood-sugar rises and lower fat storage.

18. Oysters

This fish market staple is rich in zinc, which helps to regulate the appetite hormone leptin.

19. Black Tea

Black tea leaves contain theaflavin, a potent fat-burning phytochemical that steadies your energy levels, ideal after a heavy meal.

20. Salmon Fillet

It’s full of Omega-3 fats, which increase the rate of bad fat-use in your body.

21. Peas

Research found that proteins in peas control CCK, a hormone that reduces your appetite.

22. Red Onions

Chromium, found in onions, is used by your body to remove sugar from the blood, so less is converted into lard.

23. Boiled Eggs

Not only are eggs high in protein and nutrients, but studies show they decrease calorie intake during the day when eaten for breakfast.

24. Parmesan

Research found that people on high-calcium diets excrete 2.5 times more fat, so less ends up on your love handles.

25. Rye Flatbread

Flatbreads are the best low-sugar bread choice.  Rye is loaded with more gut-shrinking fibre than wheat breads.

26. Chicken Liver

It has the highest concentration of B5 found in any food.  This vitamin is a catalyst for fat-usage in the body.

27. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt increases healthy bacteria in the gut – good for reducing your fat mass.

Dedicated to your success,



Have we missed any of your favourites? Tell us what they are and how they’ve help you fight fat—let’s get 10 COMMENTS, and we’ll be back soon with another cool post.

New Workout Study Proves Bodyweight Exercises Are Better Than Cardio

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Each week Craig Ballantyne, Certified Turbulence Trainer, scours hundreds of magazines, websites, videos, scientific research papers, hard copy books, and even university textbooks to uncover new ways of training to add to his TT workouts.

And recently he uncovered one NEW workout-boosting trick that is a GAME CHANGER for fat loss. Not only does it make your future fat burning workouts and bodyweight exercises even more effective, it does so in just minutes per workout.

From Craig:

Can 4 minutes of bodyweight exercises (like burpees) work just as well as traditional 30-minute cardio workouts?

Researchers from Queen’s University say it can…

In their study, published in “Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism”, the scientists had 22 college-aged women do 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks, splitting them into one of three groups:

-Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate.

-Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds, for a total of 4 minutes.

-Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group).

Here were their shocking results…

Despite training just 1/7th of the time, Group B increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%) as Group A.

That’s right… even the short, intense, bodyweight workouts were equally as effective as 30 minutes of boring cardio.

Now here’s where the study gets interesting…

First, Group B was the only group to INCREASE their muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Second, these unconventional bodyweight workouts resulted in members of Group B reporting GREATER overall workout enjoyment.

And that was just from one 4-minute blast of bodyweight exercises.

I know you’ll get TRIPLE the results, or more, when you use the Turbulence Training versions of the system … not to mention these workouts can be done from ANYWHERE you want.

Get the complete TT 20-10 Bodyweight Revolution Program with this Special Holiday Deal

7 Outstanding Weight Loss Tips

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If you have been struggling to lose weight for longer than you’d care to admit, then you are not alone. At the same time, you have probably been misinformed, and that’s not your fault. It can be frustrating. You do everything you think you’re supposed to, but you just can’t get rid of those extra pounds. The following tips will help you with your weight loss efforts.

1. Exercise – As much as a lot of people would like to avoid it, exercise is one of the biggest boosts to losing weight. Not only will it burn calories when you’re doing it, it will also increase your metabolism and improve your overall health. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run a marathon to reap the beneficial effects of exercise. Just get moving and you will soon notice a difference.

2. Portion control – Give some thought to how much food you are putting on your plate. It’s all too common to mindlessly pile as much on our plates as the plate will hold. But we only need enough to fill our stomachs, which is usually much less.

3. Mind power – Keeping your mind sharp, refreshed and relaxed will help you cope with things that would otherwise derail whatever weight loss plan you’re on. Things such as meditation and yoga are a good way to do this.

4. Look at labels – When you are shopping for food, look at the nutrition labels. These will help you to select the foods that are lower in saturated fat, calories and refined sugar; and higher in protein, fiber and healthier fats. By doing this, you will have healthier food at home when you get hungry.

5. Grazing – The idea of eating three large meals a day is out of date when it comes to losing weight. The problem is that it gives you too much time between meals to get hungry, and the hungrier you are, the greater the chance that you will consume more calories when you finally eat. If you want to lose weight, then eat several smaller meals throughout the day. You will not only feel fuller longer, but you will also have a steady supply of fuel to get you through the day.

6. Eat, eat, eat – This is similar to the idea of grazing, but it is even more basic. It simply means that you should eat when you’re hungry. Of course you still have to give some thought to what you’re eating, but other than that, go ahead and eat when you’re hungry.

7. Drink water – Be careful here! It was a long-held belief that you had to drink at least eight glasses of water if you wanted to lose weight. However, there is now plenty of evidence that this is not true. But you should still drink plenty of water, just don’t think it will cause you to lose weight. Not only is water good for your health, but it also has no calories, and that’s a good thing for weight loss.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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The Amazing Peanut Butter Diet

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Okay, now we’ve heard everything! There was the cabbage soup diet, the chocolate chip cookie diet, the cottage cheese diet, and now there’s a peanut butter diet? After all, how can you eat something that has so much fat? While it seems that there would be no logical way to lose weight while eating peanut butter, this is a diet that may just work.

So, what makes this amazing peanut butter diet work? That’s a fair question, I was skeptical too. What it comes down to is this, different foods have different effects on the body. Some of the better foods are known as “super foods”. Peanut butter is one of them. It is loaded with protein which helps in the development of lean muscle tissue, and muscle burns more calories. In effect, peanut butter assists in the boosting of your body’s metabolism.

The whole idea behind a peanut butter diet is that you simply add this super food where you can and it will work its magic. For example, if you enjoy smoothies, then you can combine some peanut butter with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, then add some ice and blend until smooth. That doesn’t mean you can drink peanut butter smoothies all day, but if you use it right, you should notice the benefits.

At the same time, there is more to losing weight than just eating. You also have to eat a better selection of foods, from a variety of food groups. Exercise also needs to be a part of your routine. Don’t get discouraged. That doesn’t mean you have to do gruelling exercises for hours on end, far from it. Simply get more active. Participate in activities you enjoy, work out with a friend, and get moving. That’s really all you need to do, but you do need to actually do it. Okay, enough of the lecture, let’s get back to the peanut butter.

One of the reasons a lot of people are surprised that a peanut butter diet can work is that they associate it with gaining weight, rather than losing weight. Part of the reason for this is how most peanut butter is made. Most of the stuff you can buy at the grocery store is made with hydrogenated oil, commonly referred to as trans fats. This may be the real problem with peanut butter, but it’s an easy problem to fix. You want to look for all natural peanut butter that contains no trans fats. Read the list of ingredients, and if the word ‘hydrogenated’ is there, then don’t buy it. You can also look at the peanut butter in the container. If you can see a thin layer of oil on the top, then it is probably natural. Simply stir the oil back in when you get it home. These natural oils are much healthier for you than trans fats.

So, does the peanut butter diet work? Yes it does, but it does require that you do some things as well. They aren’t difficult, and once you start seeing the positive results of losing weight, you’ll be glad you gave it a try.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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The Calorie Reduction Diet

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There are so many diets out there, it isn’t even funny, and new ones are being thrust upon an unsuspecting and weight-conscious public all the time. No matter what their claims are, no matter how they package it, the ones that work all have the same thing in common. In fact, it’s the only way to lose weight. What is it? You have to burn more calories than you take in. That’s why so many weight loss programs revolve around a calorie reduction diet.

Our weight goes up when we take in more energy (in the form of calories found in our food) than we use up. Early in our history, this body mechanism served to keep us alive. Our ancestors couldn’t always be sure when they would eat next, so their bodies stored extra calories as fat. This was fine back then, but it leads to obesity in modern cultures where food is plentiful.

If you need to lose weight, then there are only two things you can do. You have to burn more energy in the form of exercise, or you have to eat a reduced calorie diet. The first step is to determine exactly how many calories you need per day. There are plenty of online calorie calculators that can help you determine what your caloric intake should be. If you are seeing a doctor to help lose weight then follow any and all of their recommendations.

Everybody is different, so you need to do what’s best for you. That being said, you should try to avoid a diet that restricts you to fewer than 1200 calories per day. That is the amount the World Health Organization says adults should consume. Besides if you go too low on a calorie reduction diet, then your body will get the message that you are starving, and store a higher percentage of your calories as fat. That means you could actually gain weight by eating less!

A good rule of thumb is to lose no more than one to two pounds per week. This may seem slow, and flies in the face of fad diets that promise big weight loss in a few days, but it is a much better way to lose weight. Losing weight slowly and steadily will prevent your body from going into starvation mode, and it will also prevent you from feeling deprived.

There is another aspect of a calorie reduction diet that you have to be aware of: eating boosts metabolism. That’s right! You can boost how many calories you burn by eating enough. Your brain gets the signal that there is new energy to burn, and it starts up the fat burning furnace to help you use up the energy you are taking in. It may help to think of it as the reverse of starvation mode.

Other than that, a calorie reduction diet comes down to common sense. Make healthy food choices–fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains–and keep your portions under control. Doing those things will give you your best chance at weight loss success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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Does The Fat Smash Diet Plan Really Work

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“The Fat Smash Diet Plan” is a fairly popular diet book that was written by Ian Smith. The book took off in popularity at the same time Celebrity Fit Club was soaring in the television ratings. The Fat Smash Diet claims to be a 90 day program that doesn’t require you to count calories, and further promises that you won’t feel hungry while on the plan. Now that’s the kind of plan that most dieters are looking for!

That all sounds great, but what is the diet all about, and does it really work? Those are the questions that should be asked before you decide to start any diet program. Fortunately, the Fat Smash Diet Plan has all of the elements of a sound program. It doesn’t make a lot of outrageous claims that can’t be backed up. It’s also missing some of the elements that are so prevalent in fad diets, such as forbidding whole groups of food.

The basis of Smith’s approach is sensible eating and moderate exercise. On top of that, he strongly suggests people on the Fat Smash Diet Plan to get as much support from their friends and family as they can. This can help a lot if you normally struggle with weight loss. Plus, if you can get the support of the people who are close to you, they can encourage you and help you stick to your plan. This makes it that much easier to get rid of those extra pounds.

It’s all too common for a weight loss regimen to focus on just the food, or just the exercise, but you need to work on both if you want to lose weight. The first step of the Fat Smash Diet Plan is to detoxify your system. There isn’t any solid medical proof that this works, but it may help in some cases. If nothing else, it sends the signal to your subconscious that you are making a change for the better. This stage of the plan takes nine days. Some people experience mild side effects, so you may want to do it at a time when you aren’t too busy.

The full Fat Smash Diet Plan is comprised of four different stages. We mentioned the detox stage, here are the others:

Stage 2 starts adding new foods that were introduced during the detoxification process. These include shellfish, eggs, lean meat, and other foods high in protein.

Stage 3 adds carbohydrates in the form of wheat, pasta, bread and even some desserts (thank goodness).

Stage 4, the final stage lets you eat pizza and some other comfort foods.

Regardless of the stage, Fat Smash Diet Plan recommends that you eat smaller meals, more often, as opposed to eating three large meals during the day. This helps to keep your metabolism at a higher level, which leads to more calories burned, and that means more weight lost. Stick to the Fat Smash diet and you can be sure that you will like the results.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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4 Tips For Effective Weight Loss

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Are you fed up with continuously seeing no measurable or long-lasting results whenever you try to lose weight? Or maybe you are sick and tired of throwing your money away on the latest fad diets, only to be let down again. Stop! That’s right, stop whatever you’re doing, you are going to want to hear this. Don’t even think about trying another diet plan or weight loss program until you read this article. Why? Because these four tips will put you on the fast track to lose weight safely and keep it off.

Each of the tips is based on science. That means they have always been around and are not fads. It’s just that a lot of people selling the latest weight loss programs don’t always like to share them, so it’s not your fault if you haven’t been able to effectively lose weight.

1. The Magic of Muscle – In short, the more lean muscle you have as you are trying to lose weight, the better. The amount of calories you are able to burn off is related, in part, to how much muscle mass you have. On top of that, more muscle allows you to exercise more effectively, and have more endurance. The fact that muscle is more attractive than fat doesn’t hurt either.

One of the best ways to build muscle mass is through strength training. You can still engage in aerobic exercise, and should, but nothing beats lifting weights and resistance training to add muscle to your body. This is important because muscle also requires more calories to stay fed, which is good, and brings us to the next point…

2. Stoke the Furnace – What we are talking about here is metabolism; that is the rate at which your body burns calories. As we have already seen, muscle tissue is excellent for burning calories and boosting your metabolism. However, there is something else you can do to keep your metabolism whirring along.

Eating smaller meals throughout the day, as opposed to three larger meals, will keep your body working at burning calories. It also has the added benefit of keeping your hunger from getting out of control.

3. Fast Feet – We’ll keep this tip short and sweet. A great way to lose weight is to take brisk walks on a regular basis. It’s not only easy enough to do, but it will also help you to lose weight safely and keep it off.

4. Cut Calories – This may be the biggest “secret” that fad diets try to conceal, but it gets right to the heart of the matter. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. So far we have looked at burning calories, but now it’s time to switch to reducing how many you take in. The good news is that you don’t have to religiously count every calorie that goes into your mouth. All you have to do is make better food choices, and make a conscious effort to eat reasonable portions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.



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Is There Any Truth To Green Tea Weight Loss – Test It

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As a whole, people are more overweight than ever. It wouldn’t really be that big of a deal if obesity wasn’t a risk factor for a whole host of other health problems. Lately there has been some buzz surrounding green tea weight loss. Is there any truth to the potential effectiveness of such a diet?

There is substantial evidence that the Chinese have been harvesting green tea for at least the past 4,000 years. And there’s no telling how long they were using it in some form before that. So, while most people in the West think of it as nothing more than a beverage, people in the East have long revered it for its medicinal qualities as well.

Of course, Western medicine takes a different approach to how it decides what works and what doesn’t for improving people’s health. It’s almost as though they think that if something is natural, then it can’t be medicine. Well, the good news is that viewpoint is starting to change, at least where green tea and weight loss is concerned.   

A physiologist by the name of William Rumpler has been studying how green tea effects the oxidation of fat and energy expenditure in the body. In simple terms, he’s seeing how green tea boosts metabolism and increases weight loss. What follows are some of his early findings.

When the study was conducted, the only compound they were able to identify as aiding weight loss was the naturally occurring caffeine. As a control, they had some participants consume water that had the same amount of caffeine. Those who drank the caffeinated water did not show the same amount of weight loss as those who drank the tea.

So, what does this mean? It means that it isn’t the caffeine in green that’s making people lose weight. Other studies have shown that green tea contains an antioxidant called catechin. This is showing some potential. It’s believed that catechin reduces how much fat the body absorbs, and may help people feel full sooner. Regardless of what is causing the weight loss, it does appear that green does, indeed, help in getting rid of excess pounds. As if that weren’t enough, green tea has more health benefits. It reduces the risk of some cancers, lowers bad cholesterol and helps flush toxins out of the body.

More studies on tea are being conducted all the time, but the proof that is already out there is pretty good. Green tea weight loss diets are based on traditional Eastern medicine, and gaining approval from Western science, as well. Drinking a few cups of green tea a day should be all you need to take some weight off. Round out the green tea with better eating and more activity and you will take off more weight and improve your overall health at the same time.

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