5 Reason Why Women Need to Buy Engineering the Alpha

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By John Romanellio

When we decided to write Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, we wanted to put together a book that hadn’t been written before. A book with information you hadn’t seen, tips that weren’t overplayed, and advice that would actually make a difference. And that’s what we did. We spent years researching and writing this project. And the final result is a book for men unlike anything on the bookshelves.

And while this book is certainly written for men, it’s not just for men to buy. You see, many of the issues we’ve uncovered are problems that are plaguing and destroying man’s mind, body, and confidence. But they are usually stealthy issues. The types of problems men wouldn’t admit to anyone—or might completely deny. The people who see these problems the best?


After all, it’s the better half that oftentimes sees men for what they really are: The good and the bad, the strength and the weakness, the powerful and the timid. And it’s that very reason why Engineering the Alpha is also for women. Sure a woman can read the book so they can understand men better, but more importantly, women need to buy this book so they can save and help the men in their life—whether it’s a husband, boyfriend, close friend, or relative.

That might seem like a dramatic statement, but the hormonal issues we’re addressing are real and quite frankly, a big problem. If you’re a woman, here are 5 reasons why you should buy Engineering the Alpha for the man in your life. It will make a dramatic difference, and will help bring out the best possible version of the guy you love.


One word says it all because let’s face it: sex is important. And not just for the obvious reasons. It’s essential to the bond between man and woman because physical intimacy has a direct relationship with emotional intimacy. In a very real way, not having sex can lead to severe damage in your relationship in other aspects outside of the bedroom. It can lead to fights, frustration, questions of monogamy, and genuinely upset the stability of an otherwise great relationship.

Now you might be thinking, “Is there such thing as a guy who doesn’t want sex…always?” Here’s the funny thing, if you’ve ever watched a sitcom, you’d think such a reality is impossible. We all watch the stereotypical for married couple where the man always wants sex and the women has a headache and is creating 101 different excuses not to have sex.

The reality? Sitcom writers have it blatantly wrong. During the wrong of writing ETA, we interviewed more than 300 men and nearly 150 couples. And you know what they admitted—failing sex drive was more often than not a male issue. Guys were losing their mojo, and at ages as young as 22!

And the problem isn’t just limited to men losing their drive. That loss is having a direct impact on women. As a result of the lack of desire, women believe that they are doing something wrong, or that they’re not attractive, or in the worst case scenarios that their men don’t love them.

And while this beliefs could be an issue, the real problem is dwindling sex drive that results from low testosterone.  In the simplest way, low T has become an epidemic that is trending into men in their 20s, and casting it’s venom throughout adulthood. Pharmaceutical companies will have you believe that men need to take pills. Instead, it’s food choice, activity manipulations, and sleep patterns that will really lead to the surge you want and he needs.

Low sex drive is epidemic and something that I’ve personally struggled with—as early as 24. It was at that point that I stopped wanting sex. I had a beautiful girlfriend and a wonderful relationship, but I just wasn’t interested. And as a result, it wasn’t long before I lost that beautiful girlfriend and that great relationship.

My testosterone levels were not quite in the tank, but they were significantly lower than they were just a year before. And so I underwent a quest to find out why they dropped so low and how to change naturally. That’s all detailed in Engineering the Alpha. The ways I changed my diet and training, the lifestyle changes I made—even the simplest one’s such as reading a book for 15 minutes a day—are outlined clearly in ETA.

We know how damaging it can be your relationship and we know we can help. If this sounds like your relationship or someone you know, you need to get this to your husband, boyfriend, or your girlfriends who are complaining about this. He needs this and is frustrated. This bothers him and he wants to fix it—he just doesn’t know how or what’s wrong. Engineering the Alpha will teach him, comfort him, and help him become the man he wants to be.

The Workouts

When you look at the cover lines of Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha—with words like “burn fat” and “build muscle”—it becomes obvious that there’s fitness advice. Without question, ETA is far more than a fitness book. It contains information that will help a man improve every aspect of a man’ life from his stature at the office, to his intensity the bedroom. But all of that aside, it is a fitness book and one of the best one’s that have ever been written. And since you realize that the man in your life has probably been frustrated by a lack of results, this is where the game changes and he finally is rewarded for his hard work.

Now, that may sound like a bold claim, perhaps arrogance or adolescent braggadocio, but the fact is it’s true. More than 10 years in the making, the workouts in this book are the distillation of how to build a strong, lean, powerful body. If you’ve ever done my workouts before, there are elements that will look familiar. But never before having I released workouts that are uniquely designed to benefit men and as comprehensive as the 4-phase program that we’ve created for this book. They are concepts that were tested on thousands of men, and then the actual program was proven with hundreds of test subjects, some of whom we feature in the book.

The training program in this book is as comprehensive as it can be; it’s like me sitting down and designing a training program. The programs touch on everything from getting your insulin in check and teaching correct movement patterns to reduce injury, all the way to a rotational 4-day per week program that hits every muscle in your body in every conceivable way for maximum results. In short, it is the best program I’ve ever written for men.

The program in Engineering the Alpha is designed to help men become better men. It’s the most advanced principles, but it presents that info with a strong narrative structure so that he will not only learn about fitness, but also about himself. He’ll learn how to push through barriers, while losing fat, gaining muscle, and becoming stronger. He will develop a rock-hard, manly physique and build confidence unlike ever before. The result? A new man, and a body that you will both enjoy.


Let’s say your husband doesn’t work out. In fact, let’s assume that he hates exercise, won’t touch anything that isn’t deep fried, and outside of paying the bills and getting the job done, he’s become pretty lazy. It’s not that far of a stretch, when you consider that after high school and college, most guys move into employment and settle into the life of the sedentary. While the level of activity or “interest” in healthy behaviors varies, the motivation to push yourself as hard as you did when your testosterone was pumping through your veins just doesn’t exist.

We get it. But we don’t like it. In fact, we hate it. Because we know that these lazy behaviors are not just bad for mind and body, they’re bad for relationships. And they’re awful for the women in a man’s life. When a guy isn’t motivated to take care of his body, it’s inevitable that other elements of his life will be lacking. He won’t have as much energy or confidence or ability to take charge and create the best possible version of his life.

And because we recognize that, this book also speaks to the guy who isn’t inherently attracted to fitness or the gym. We break down the benefits on a level that anyone understands, and have created a narrative designed to motivate and inspire. By using the mythic structure of the Hero’s Journey, we show all men how they typically miss the “Call to Adventure.” We make that call loud and clear, and bring every man on the journey with us, so that they don’t have to wonder “what if.”

This is less fire and brimstone and more an honest look at your life, your presence, and your future. It’s a wake up call and an empowering entrance that will have any guy—regardless of his background or interest in fitness—ready and willing to take the leap and become the Alpha. After all, it’s a trait that lives within all men and simply needs to be extracted or awakened.

General health

There are many reasons to exercise that go beyond looking great naked and wanting to get naked in the first place. The fact is, your health depends on how you exercise and what you eat. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined characteristics linked to low testosterone and growth hormone. They found that men with lower levels had higher levels of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, were more moody, had less vigor, energy, and struggled with concentration.

You know what that means? The health of all men is at risk. In fact, this isn’t a new phenomenon but one that is getting worse. Research indicates that women will live anywhere from 5 to 10 years longer than men. The hormonal issue is part of the equation. But just as important is the fact that men don’t take their health seriously. And as a result they’re slowing down, struggling, and losing their edge without even realizing it. And all of these factors are contributing to a shorter, more-disease filled life.

Whether it’s his testosterone and growth hormone, or cortisol, insulin, and estrogen levels that are stripping away the soul of his manhood, straightening this out might be the most important reason to buy this book. Men are becoming fatter. And they are suffering from more diseases and dying younger. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. But your man is too stubborn to assume this himself. Men don’t go to doctors. Men don’t acknowledge what’s in the mirror. And men won’t pay attention to all the warning signs—even if they are screaming at him in the face.

It’s your job to give him a wake up call. But it can’t be you directly. It has to be another man. One of his boys. Someone with credibility that he trusts. That’s our job. We wrote a book that speaks directly to him. Comes to him as his friend, as his brother, and lets him know what is what with his body. He might never say thank you. He might not acknowledge it directly. But this book could save his life. And as his better half, his friend, his sibling or his daughter—this is the greatest gift you could give to a man in your life.

He Needs It

Here’s something you probably don’t know about evolution: Women kill men.

Not in the literal sense, but when men move in with women their testosterone drops. And when a new child enters the home, testosterone also drops.

The impact of the testosterone decreases is faster aging, muscle loss, fat gain, more fatigue, increase in illnesses, and loss of confidence.

Of course we’re not suggesting that you don’t move in with your man. I’m engaged and living with my fiancé and Adam is married. And we both want kids.

What we are saying is that you need to stage an intervention to prevent the inevitable. Unless men make concentrated, focused efforts to increase their testosterone, their hormone levels will suffer as a part of life—and that happens even if they are happy, healthy, and fit.

Don’t wait for it to happen. We’re firing a warning shot so that you can do something to help your man. That’s the real purpose of why we wrote this book. We’ve seen too many men fall victim to the same trap. Why wait until it gets bad when you can catch a disease in the earliest phase?

Don’t kid yourself—that’s exactly what hormonal problems are. A disease of the worst kind. It’s a problem that takes away a man’s essence and makes him a victim of his body.

The strategies in this book will naturally offset whatever life throws at men, whether planned and normal or unplanned and unfortunate.

In the end, we wrote this book for men. We’ve been plagued by many of these issues, and while most fitness books take a band aid approach to health, we wanted to get to the bottom of the causes of the biggest problems that hurt men.

The answer is hormones. And the question is—will you make your man aware of what he needs?


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